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The Pleasure of Play!


A snapshot of one afternoon with children.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of sharing time with my sister, brother-in-law and their granddaughters, my great-nieces. This was a special treat. The girls live in CT and when they do come to visit my sister, there generally isn’t time for them to travel to my home. That is what made this visit so special.


Standing tall


Play time

Play time


Many sisters argue and fight almost constantly throughout the day, especially when they share bedrooms. Just don’t let anyone come in-between them – that’s when their true love rises to the surface. I have four sisters myself and growing up we had some verbal and physical altercations, especially the three youngest of the group. But, let anyone say something nasty or do anything to the other sister and we would come together in a heart beat to protect and comfort one another. I was the youngest of the five girls with a fourteen year span between the oldest and myself. I started Kindergarten the same year my older two sister’s graduated high school. My poor Dad, living in a house of five daughters. It could not have been easy, except it did place him in the position of King of the household and we all cherished him.

Having my great-nieces visit reminded me of earlier days with my own sisters, especially their Nonnie. She and I were four years apart and have remained close throughout the years, sharing time with each others children and now grandchildren. As you will see from the photos, they were captured sharing laughs and hugs.  Poking and arguing are to be expected as they learn and develop relationships with others in their world. It is between sibling rivalry that children practice their relationship skills and release shadows of normal existence to the surface where they can be viewed and discussed. In the end, hugs and love survive.


Sisterly love


Sisters having fun

Sisters having fun








When my sister is with her grandchildren she shines and there is always a smile on her face. They can get her to do anything and she doesn’t mind. I think she actually glows when in their presence.

The girls love my old house, the swings, the nearby trails and that I am close to Barnes and Noble. We played outside, took a short walk and then went for a book and snack.

Em's pinecone

Em’s pinecone

During our adventure to the woods we noticed several deer trails. The girls were amazed to find out that the sand under foot was originally part of the ocean centuries ago.

Hand prints in the sand

Hand prints in the sand

If you have children in your life or whenever someone visit with children, get up from the table or living room and get outside on an adventure. Children are wonderful and you can learn so much if you talk less and listen more.


Both girls picked out a book and then a treat. It was so nice to sit and listen to their likes and dislikes. To watch their interactions and how different their personalities are. Em is very outgoing and doesn’t hold back. Abby is more reserved. Each is unique and wonderful to spend time with. After treats at Barnes and Noble we went into the mall to visit the Journey Through the Body exhibit. The ‘big’ kids were just as interested as the younger ones. Emily thought nothing of grabbing a pair of gloves and pulling them on so she could touch the pig heart. Abby followed her lead. Fun was had by all!!

Looking forward to the girls next visit with Nonnie and having them return for a visit at my house. Possibly the next time we can have an overnight and carry the fun into the next day.

Having grandchildren can be a wonderful experience, having great-nieces and nephews can be the same. For me, having any children around can be just as much of a pleasure. Taking them outside in nature can add to the  experience. Actively playing with them, priceless. Even if we hadn’t gone to Barnes and Noble, the visit would have been fun because you do not need to spend money or have a big house filled with ‘stuff’ to amuse children. Just sitting on a swing or on the grass and letting them tell you their story allows your hearts to grow and connect. On a rainy day having a tea party, dressing up in old clothing, playing games, or making collages can fill the day with a fun experience for all. There is no money that can replace that connection.

Love and Light,

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  1. Such joyous pictures… 🙂

    And, I liked the header of your blog..superb macro… 🙂

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  2. Beautiful photos and post…being a grandmother (the “Lola” part of my name means grandmother in the Tagalog / Filipino language) I totally get it! 🙂

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