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The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – “On the Way” 2


My first post was air travel, this post is car travel. My son purchased a 1989 Porsche and stopped over to give us a rife. It was a bit cold riding with the top down but we had fun letting our hair fly free in the breeze. I travel quite a bit for work and while traveling take my time to stop and stretch, check out the sights, and snap pictures with my cell when I see something interesting. On one rainy trip north I was traveling behind a tractor-trailer and noticed a rainbow following along behind the truck. I thought it must be a sign of good luck so I snapped a couple of photos. On another trip, thinking the snow was behind us for another year I was surprised when I was traveling to the north country and ran into a snow storm. It was beautiful so I snapped a couple of photos with my cell and then stopped to capture some with my camera.

I love traveling in my car and have only eight more states to travel to in the United States. Of course, I had to travel by air to visit Washington and Alaska, and will also need to fly to Hawaii. It is the other seven states that I will be able to visit on a road trip. The next trip will include the northern states of Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and North Dakota. Then a trip south to Oklahoma and Arkansas – not sure how I missed them when we were so close. I think Oregon and Hawaii will both require a flight but I am looking forward to visiting both in a couple of years. The United States is quite beautiful and each state has its own unique qualities in environment and people. Love this country. Once I visit all of the states it will be time to move on to other countries. Thus far I have visiting Mexico, Canada and Iceland. I think Ireland and India will the first two countries on my bucket list.

Happy traveling to everyone!! Many times I like to travel from the swing in my back yard while reading books or visit local nearby communities. You don’t have to travel far to be ‘on the way.’ Even traveling to and from work you can be on the way – travel a new way to or from work and change the scenery. Try a new store or visit a site you haven’t been to since you were a child. Sometimes visiting your own community with the eyes of a visitor will bring new insights and experiences. Life is fun – live it with new eyes and an open heart.

Love and Light!!

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “On the Way.”

Author: spiritofdragonflies

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7 thoughts on “The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – “On the Way” 2

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  2. Nice “on the way” post. I think the only 2 states I haven’t been to are North and South Dakota. Oh, and Alaska I really want to go to Alaska Yes, this is a spectacularly beautiful country! New Zealand is beautiful, and Scotland. I would like to go to Iceland, Ireland, Wales, Costa Rica and I think I may be visiting someone in Puerto Rico. There are manatees there. I really want to see the Aurora Borealis….maybe in Alaska or Iceland. Who knows where life will take me, but I’m game.


    • Where ever we travel it will be a beautiful experience. I would love to visit New Zealand and Japan as well. Those are on the five year plan but who knows, it may be sooner. Hope you get to see the Aurora Borealis. I didn’t experience that on the trip to Alaska or Iceland but both were quite beautiful experiences. Enjoy the journey!!


  3. What a fun post! Must have been a joyful ride, especially to be with your son and daughter.

    So very cool that you are close to visiting all the states! I went to Hawaii when my daughter was in the Navy, and have been to a handful of states (including Minnesota) but nowhere near the places you have been to! I agree, the U.S. is so varied and beautiful, and you can spend a lifetime just traveling in the U.S. alone because it is so big…and certainly, playing tourist in your own community brings so many rewards too. 🙂

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