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Appreciating Nature and Life


This morning while packing my car for a short trip to Pennsylvania, I was pleasantly surprised on the way out the door by light shimmering on a newly formed spider’s web.

Natures Art

Natures Art


It stopped me in my tracks. I had to grab my camera and capture the moment. As I shifted position, the effect of the light shimmering on the intricate design shifted. It was quite beautiful.


Then I decided to change lenses to get a closer look at the intricacy of the spider’s beautiful creation.


Natures Art

Natures Art

When we slow down, we can open our eyes to the world we share with nature. I left the web untouched. It will be there for a while and hopefully tomorrow morning when leaving for work the light will shimmer on the web once again and bring a little joy to the morning.

If we can learn to live mindfully and enjoy the world around us, we will be able to find this beauty even on the days when we don’t think we can go on a moment longer. You know those days – a date with death takes a loved one, when illness strikes, or unemployment knocks on your door. By learning to appreciate living in the moment, we can move through those days still finding pleasure and beauty in our time of loss and need. Nature is always out there calling to us, we just need to slow down and listen.

Last week my friend’s mother, age 64, wasn’t feeling well and went to lay down. When her husband went to check on her, he found her lying on the bed unresponsive to his touch. She had not been ill or even diagnosed with any health issues. She felt some indigestion and went to lie down, that was it.  This beloved wife, mother of two, and grandmother of four died while taking a nap. Her granddaughter asked me “What will we do with grandma’s chair?” I told her she can sit it in and feel her grandmother’s presence if she wishes. She smiled and said, “That’s what I’ll do when I stay with grandpa tomorrow night.” Her concern was over the chair, we know it was what was she going to do without grandma sitting in that chair. It will take them time to move through the loss.

Tell your loved ones how much you love them every day. Give them a hug. Don’t let useless arguments get out of hand. Be true to yourself but release the ego and live in flow. Being in touch with nature and living mindfully will bring more love and joy into your life.

So I ask you — Can you get outside to listen to the trees sing, the crickets chatting, birds singing, leaves rustling, sand dancing in the wind, limbs stretching out, water babbling? I had a tick on me last week and ended up with he red circle on my belly. Now on day three of antibiotics I will not let the fear of ticks stop me from being outside. It is just part of being. Ticks, misquotes, ants, and other insects are part of our world. There is so much to see, hear, smell, and feel in nature that is missed due to fear and the hurry of the day. Slow down, even if only for five minutes. Release fear, for it will hold you back from life. Take a couple of deep breaths and enjoy your life while you can – why rush through it. Live mindfully, and love every one and every thing.

Love and Light!

Author: spiritofdragonflies

My purpose in life is to inspire others to reach their goals, dreams, higher selves. Are you ready to transform your life forever? Allow me to guide you along the steps toward reaching your inspirational, exciting life. I am a lover of life, a certified Mindfulness Outdoor Experience Guide, Certified QSCA Life Coach, Therapeutic Touch practitioner, amateur photographer, and aspiring writer taking steps to reach my own goals and loving every minute. Love and Light!

9 thoughts on “Appreciating Nature and Life

  1. Maybe you have a garden orb weaver living there. If you go out there at night, and take a flashlight you might see her weaving her web. They are so beautiful. Love your post. Sorry about your tick bite.

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  2. My first relationship with one was IN my house, who stayed for over a year, back in the early 80s They get pretty big. She helped me overcome fear and taught me many giant lessons with her weaving, as well as coming to me in dream time. She still does. occasionally. Then about 10 years ago, we had one at the corner of our sliding glass door, so every night, we got to watch her spin. So so beautiful. Bright blessings for this, Sandy. It is a real treat.

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  3. Hi, I stopped by because I heard you had an Orb Weaver web just outside your house. How wonderful! I’ve just seen not only the web, which is splendid, but also, we have met the beautiful marbled orb weaver who is building webs over our recycle bin. took a picture the first night, not knowing that it would still be there the next night, and the night after.

    You write a wonderful post about what I call Communing with the Green Ones! Being outside is so nurturing!

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    • Oh thank you for stopping by and sharing. I am so glad to learn more above these amazing Orb Weavers. Such beautiful webs they do weave. I agree – being outside is very nurturing and grounding.

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      • You’re very welcome. And last night I managed to capture this on my cam’s video

        The video track was lost, but it was just me talking to my hubby, about it. I’ve always seen the web done, but last night when we went out, she was weaving!

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      • That is amazing! So much time and dedication goes into the weaving and she does this so quickly. Loved hearing the sounds of nature in the background, and conversation between you and your husband added to the interest in what was occurring before your eyes. Thank you for sharing. It is a nice way to begin the day. Love and Light.

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