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WPC – Gatherings


This week’s challenge is gatherings and I have chosen a family gathering. During the holiday season my family gathers together for games and laughter. Every year there is a new game introduced and we return to some favorites. Last year, this is what we looked like.

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Do you gather with family and friends to play games? If so, which are your favorites? We love Apples to Apples, several card games, Life with the younger children and Memory with the little ones. This is always a special time of year in more ways than one. Some of our family members do not always get home for the holidays so when they do we spend a lot of time together having fun. Wish this could happen several times a year instead of just at Thanksgiving and Christmas. For those who do not celebrate Christmas do you have any special games or activities you share in for your holidays?

Sending Peaceful Love and Light To All!

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/gathering/”>Gathering</a&gt;

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My purpose in life is to inspire others to reach their goals, dreams, higher selves. Are you ready to transform your life forever? Allow me to guide you along the steps toward reaching your inspirational, exciting life. I am a lover of life, a certified Mindfulness Outdoor Experience Guide, Certified QSCA Life Coach, Therapeutic Touch practitioner, amateur photographer, and aspiring writer taking steps to reach my own goals and loving every minute. Love and Light!

9 thoughts on “WPC – Gatherings

  1. Our family is notorious in these parts for our White Elephant party where we exchange funny gifts. During the exchange there are rules of engagement where you can take someone else’s gift or keep your own. It gets pretty entertaining.

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  2. What a great family! Happy Holidays, Sandy!

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  4. we love Headbanz!

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  5. While we haven’t had family gatherings for some years, we do play (daily) The Object Game. It’s good for the memory. After we watch something (an ep from a series, or a movie) we have a round of questions to see if everyone remembers the more obscure, or not so obscure things that we saw – good for the memory, have I said that? A must for the game is a sock monkey. He’s really good at the game, and it gives us a chance to practice ventriloquism. 🙂

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    • That sounds like fun Fimnora. Love anything that helps the memory!! Sometimes I think we forget because we have so much to remember. As a child everything is new and there isn’t that much in there to remember so quick retrieval. As we age we have to remember everything from birth and the retrieval time gets a bit longer:) Enjoy the games!

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