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WPC – Dance


There’s rhythm and motion all around us — this week, let’s capture some of it in a photo.

My son received a new overhead lamp as a Christmas present. When lit the light appears to dance across the ceiling. I love how ordinary household objects can bring such beauty and interest into our lives.

In my own home I love placing a tea light into the candle holder my son gave me for Christmas. It lights up the room with dancing candle light! When the Christmas tree was lit I enjoyed watching the reflection of the lights dancing across the hardwood floor. There are so many ways to use dancing light to bring peace and beauty into your life whether it be electric lights or candles.

Nature – there is rhythm and movement as sunlight plays with ice and clouds. I love the way natural light sparkles through the ice formation. It reminded me of the movement of music as the ice melted before our eyes.

One night on my way home from work I noticed the sunlight dancing through the clouds. It was quite breathtaking and I kept looking for a place to pull over to enjoy the scene and snap a photo. It amazed me that no one else was stopping to enjoy this beautiful sight. On another occasion I noticed vertical clouds dancing in the distant sky. It was breathtaking and something I didn’t remember ever seeing before.

Beauty is all around us on a daily basis. If you can slow down and pay attention, breath and take a few minutes to enjoy your life you will find better health. Live mindfully and bring peace and love into your daily life. If you have children or know children, share some time with them and show them the beauty in everyday life that they can always draw upon to bring peace and love into their lives.

Do you notice the rhythm and motion all around you a daily basis? If so, please share what you have been noticing.

If you would like to see other entries for this week or would like to enter your own photos click in the link:


Love and Light!

Author: spiritofdragonflies

My purpose in life is to inspire others to reach their goals, dreams, higher selves. Are you ready to transform your life forever? Allow me to guide you along the steps toward reaching your inspirational, exciting life. I am a lover of life, a certified Mindfulness Outdoor Experience Guide, Certified QSCA Life Coach, Therapeutic Touch practitioner, amateur photographer, and aspiring writer taking steps to reach my own goals and loving every minute. Love and Light!

13 thoughts on “WPC – Dance

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  2. It isn’t what I see other people are doing that catches my attention or the beauty of this wonderful creation, its when someone shares a glimpse of the beauty of their soul. To share your appreciation of the world, makes this heavenly place we dwell in look more in keeping of what it was intended. A heavenly garden in the stewardship of heavenly souls. Thankyou for sharing!

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  3. great entry for the theme

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  4. Gorgeous photos, Sandy. Dance, dance dance!

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  5. “Live mindfully and bring peace and love into your life” – beautiful 🙂

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  6. Beautiful photos and great food for thought. Yes, beauty is indeed all around us; we only have to do as you have done and take time to notice it. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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