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Hidden World of Senses

When thinking of our senses most people think of five – sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. There are many more senses than what was taught in school. What about equilibrium (keeping your balance), proprioception (know where your body parts are relative to other parts – close your eyes and touch your nose), hunger (body detects when you need to eat) and many more.

The reality is if you want to expand your senses you first have to be aware of them. This allows you to see your world in a new way on a daily bases. Start small and build until we are open to the world around us. Many times the chatter of our televisions, radios, sounds of our man made environment all of which result in noise pollution drowning out our natural awareness of our other senses. When eating most people eat on the go while in the car or grabbing fast food and quickly eating in front of the television. How many people sit down at a table and eat at a slower pace noticing the color, texture, smells and sounds of the eating experience. How many people stop to feel the temperature of the food as it touches their tongue? The experience is quite different when you slow down and eat in a mindful manner.

Think about when you have an itch on the bottom of your foot, you can reach down and scratch the exact spot on the foot without even looking. What about thermoception – your ability to sense hot and cold. Your brain is responsible for this sense as it monitors your inner temperature letting you know when to throw a blanket over your body, put socks on or remove a sweater. We unconsciously know what to do.

When listening to your environment we ignore many sounds due to the vibrations that we become familiar with in our surroundings. Sound is really only the body interpreting the vibrations in the world around us. Just think of people living near a railroad track, a busy highway, an airport, a busy city – they eventually ignore the loud sounds in their environment. I live near a train track. When the Amtrak train roars across the track my floor, doors, china cabinet shake for a few seconds as it speeds past. After living here for over a year I no longer notice, even when it travels late at night and the vibration passes through a quiet house. Yet, when someone visits me, the loud train rambling on the tracks makes them question how I can ignore it. I don’t ignore it because it no longer is on my radar. Just think about the sounds in your own environment, do others bring it to your attention? Stop and listen to your home with no other distractions except the sound of the refrigerator humming and possibly the furnace or air conditioner. What do you hear? Is there anything that you notice now that you have blocked out over time? Does this mean that we are not affected by the sounds, not necessarily. They could be affecting our unconscious and causing us to be a little anxious or tense without our awareness. Maybe this is what we really need to pay attention to. Just a thought.

I began to focus on the smaller things – the sound of the leaf as it drops to the ground,  the dripping of water as it hits the ground, the sound of the wind rustling the leaves which reminds me of the faint sound of chimes, the sound of snow or dried leaves crunching under foot. Recently I began to record the sounds to add into a meditation video. The sounds of our environments are individual. Birds chirping in upstate New York are not the same sounds as birds chirping in the Amazon. How would we know if people in other areas did not make these sounds available to us or if we didn’t visit other locations. Even though I focus on mindful living, I know I am limited by where I have visited and my surroundings. My body and mind are capable of so much more awareness. This is also true of the people I meet and learn from and this is why I reach out to people all over the world to broaden my own knowledge and perception of the world.

Edward O. Wilson speaks to this in the YouTube video below.

If you are like me after watching this video you will begin to wonder what else you are missing around you and want to pay attention to the world we share with plants, animals, and all of nature. Add some play into your life, remember how in inquisitive and interested as you were when a child.

Becoming one with nature

Becoming one with nature

What can you do today to open up your senses to become inquisitive to the expansive universe around you? Can you turn off the television and sit in the natural sounds of your environment for five minutes, fifteen, twenty? Walk barefoot to open up your senses in your feet? When you sit down for your meal sit at the table, take in the color, scent, texture/shape of your food. As you place the food on your fork/spoon listen for the sound of the different items – soft versus a piece of meat, hard item. As the food touches your mouth – feel it on your lip, tongue, roof of your mouth, teeth as you chew. As you swallow take a moment to appreciate the nutrition this food provides to your body. This can be one of many new ways of viewing your world. After trying it at dinner, why not try the same process when walking – touch a tree, feel the ground under your feet, listen to the sounds of the forest. What about when showering – feel the water flow over your body, the silkiness of the soap on your hair, the feel of the water rushing over your feet, the warmth of the water, the sounds of the water as it flows from the shower head. This is only a small part of what you can do to slow down, appreciate life and your senses to include those you weren’t even aware of.

I think to live life to its fullest and enjoy the journey through the natural ebbs and flows, we should learn to appreciate our intricacies of our bodies, our environment, and the natural world around us. Then we can live a life of full of appreciation, we can open our senses and become the actively, creative individuals were were meant to be.

Light and Love,


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What’s Motivating You?

Sometimes I wonder what motivates people. What does an early riser think about when they are waking in the morning? Is it habit that makes them wake a dawn, are they just programmed from childhood or are they born with this inner alarm clock? What causes people like myself to stay up until we can no longer hold our eyes open? Is it that we’re afraid we will miss something, are we afraid of our dreams, are we just wired to be up until our bodies give out?

Those are some of the questions that I wonder especially when I find myself awake at night knowing the alarm will ring and I will have to get up for work. Even when I say I’m going to bed earlier from now on or on those rare occasions when I think how wonderful it must be to be a morning person. One of those people who watches the sun rise. Oh to watch the sun rise. I have done this in the past, mainly when I was in BASIC training or at AIT for the Army National Guard. It wasn’t very pleasant getting up at 0-4:30 but once awake and out standing in formation for PT I felt alive and energized. Being energized in the evening isn’t quite the same. It’s more like when we are out in the sunshine of a brisk or even frigid day. It’s not that I love being out there but being energized by the cold temperature is so refreshing.

To become a morning person one must commit to being awake at the crack of dawn. It isn’t something I can say I want to do, would like to do or that I’m going to do. It is more of making a commitment to myself and then following through on the commitment. The thing is, I don’t think I am committed to this new lifestyle even though I say it is what I want. This makes me wonder what else in my life to I want to see occur that isn’t. That starts a whole stream of thought to include I want to eliminate sugar yet I find myself craving it at work. This isn’t the case everyday and wasn’t the case for several months. Once Christmas came around with the baked cookies, candy canes, cakes, and other treats I began to crave sugar again.

I wonder what it would take to commit to eliminating sugar from my diet and changing from an evening person to a morning person. Whether you are a morning person or an evening person you can accomplish quite a bit however I love to lay in bed when I wake. If I woke early in the morning would I just lay there until the same time I normally get up or would I have the willpower and determination to write those five pages every morning, eat a healthy breakfast, get in a walk, and still arrive to work on time. It seems like a lot to accomplish prior to work yet I know people who do this everyday.

This brings me to my own behavior and comfort zone. Is there really anything wrong with staying up till one if it doesn’t affect my work life, health, or anything else? What makes me want to become a morning person anyway? Why can’t I write my five pages every evening before bed? About the sugar – this I am making a commitment to eliminate from my diet because sugar is a poison to the body. I shall do a cleansing diet and return to my no sugar lifestyle because I have been able to follow through on this in the past for several months without any set backs until I allowed for the indulgence during the holidays. I have eleven months to develop the strength and determination to elongate that craving by December 2015. It is doable. Becoming a morning person, not so much.

Brainstorming my thoughts on paper and in my mind help me to discover what I am willing to commit to and what I am not. Asking the questions allows me to delve deeper into the reason why I can commit to one thing but not another. As I continue the process, one day I will reach my true goals and stop focusing on the things I am not willing to commit to and this will allow life to flow.

What do you want to change in your life but haven’t been able to for the long haul? Is it something you truly want to change and are committed to or is it something you think you should do but it really won’t change your life or effect your goals?

This year, 2015, I will focus on the goals that I truly want to reach and eliminate anything in my life that may hinder reaching those goals. The bed time isn’t affecting anything, the sugar has the potential to effect my health, teeth, and weight. Knowing this narrows it down and I know what I shall work on.

First thing I did was to rid the house of the sugary foods so there were no temptations. Second thing was to avoid places where the cookies and cakes would call out to me. Third was to only order lattes with almond milk, no whip. This way I get the treat of a latte without the additional syrups and sweetness. This was one of several ways I have discovered in the past that work. I like to add a little eye candy.

Soy Latte

Almond Latte

Looks and tastes delicious. When home I prepare coffee in the coffee press and sometimes add a touch of cinnamon. No sugar needed.

Coffee Press

Coffee Press

Herbal teas also allow me to treat myself without the need for sugar or honey. Having several varieties in a basket with some pretty cups provides choices and a little fun when sharing with friends and family.

Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea

To appeal to the eye I use my cast iron tea-pot with loose leaf tea and meditate a little while sipping slowly from the small tea cups. Of course dragonflies decorating both add to the delight.

Dragonfly tea kettle with matching cups

Dragonfly tea kettle with matching cups

I am on my way to eliminating sugar and as I sit here at 11:52 pm on a work night know that going to bed early is out of the question. One out of two isn’t bad and I am committed to the one so I will mark that as a win.

I would love to hear your thoughts about change and how you go about making the commitment to reach your goals. What works for you and what doesn’t? Also, how many set backs, if any, have you had while reaching your goals? Everyday is a learning experience and we are all on a path of change whether intentional or not so we may as well work toward what we want.

Light and Love,

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Taking Small Steps to Reach Goals in 2015

This is how I feel about 2015!!

Feeling Great!!

Feeling Great!!

So excited about the steps I have taken thus far to attract my dreams in 2015. Let me share a little with you:

  • Joined the gym right down the road from my house, which is also on my way home
  • Walked four out of five days
  • Cleared the holiday junk food out of the cabinets and refrigerator
  • Purchased healthy food at the grocery store and have been preparing healthy meals and smoothies
  • Bring my own lunch, bottle of water, and coffee/tea to work with me
  • Prepared a budget for 2015 with a goal to pay off some debt – already paid off a department store charge card
  • Cleaned up the holiday decorations and all of the rooms in my home – now I have a writing area plus a create area so I have a place to set up my sewing machine
  • Meditated four times in the past five days
  • Had one person contact me out of the blue today to hire me as her life coach – we start this Sunday!
  • Prepared my Vision Board with my niece
  • Reached out to Catholic Charities program to volunteer as a life coach for at-risk youth
  • Practiced taking pictures on my new camera while walking in the preserve behind my home
  • Tonight I finished my DVD of old movies with iMemories and ordered one for myself and one for each of my three children.

Phew! It is only January 5th and I have been very busy taking the steps toward reaching my goals. Very excited about my upcoming writing course with UCLA that starts in two weeks and my Intermediary Therapeutic Touch classes that start in March.

You can really accomplish quite a bit working a full-time if you don’t sit in front of the television or constantly text. I love technology but use it to my advantage to reach my goals. Stopping to take in a movie, especially a comedy can be very good for you. Reading a book instead of sitting in front of the television can be beneficial as well. I had the cable turned off over a year ago and have never missed it. Just think how much money is saved when the cable is cancelled – enough for you to take a class, join a gym, or maybe take a mini-vacation. Just something to think about. What about spending more time with your children or friends playing games, hiking, dancing. The list is never ending.

What are your plans for 2015? If you don’t have a plan, haven’t written down what you want to attract, or are unsure please contact me and let’s see if I can provide guidance to help you reach your goals.

Love and Light,



Living a Life Filled with Amazement

Certified LOA Coach from Quantum Success Coaching Academy

Quantum Success Coaching Academy Certified LOA Life Coach

Feeling high vibration tonight. Every time I participate in a coaching call with one of my clients I connect with their energy and end the call feeling higher vibration than when we started. Even when I am already feeling like I am an 8 or 9. It always amazes me.

Since the time I began my classes with Quantum Success Coaching Academy (QSCA) my view on my capabilities and life have changed. Every morning upon waking I spend time meditating and focusing on the miracle of life. I make myself breakfast and sit at the table to enjoy my meal. Generally I will have some inspirational music playing in the background as I prepare for my day. I find this routine very refreshing and motivating. By the time I walk out the door my bed is made, dishes are washed, and healthy lunch is prepared. I get into the car feeling very happy. This is now my daily routine and I love it.

Coaching others has inspired me to be the best person that I can be. If I can’t maintain my own health how can I help others. Where would my point of reference come from. This is what I ask myself. So eating healthy meals and taking regular walks, hiking, kayaking and such make me feel good. Meditating allows me to feel the vibration in my own body so I can share this with my clients and help them discover this healing practice. Reading, writing, and meeting new people also help broaden my knowledge and keep me in tune with the needs of others. This allows me to connect at a much deeper level with clients as well. When on the coaching call I can tune into their energy so I know if they tell me they feel like an 8 but I feel like a 6 there is a disconnect and we can discover what is holding them back from reaching a higher level. By the time we say goodbye both of us are feeling very motivated.

If you are looking for a life coach to help you reach a goal or to figure out what that goal might be, I am ready to assist you on your path of discovery. Everyday can be a blessing and you can find happiness even in the midst of chaos if you choose.

Light and Love,