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WPC – What’s in a Name

Humans love naming things — look around you, and I bet you’ll see dozens of names. This week, take a photo of one!

Names have different meanings for different people. For this week’s challenge I decided to go in a bit of a different direction. What’s in a Name – what infuses a name a meaning, depth, emotion? Society, history, living, media, experience . . .

Gilmore Girls – this means nothing to some, a television show to others, a cult following to others, and the meaning goes even deeper for some. The later is where you will find me.

My youngest daughter, Cassandra, introduced me to Gilmore Girls during the first season. I’m not a dedicated television viewer so it was hit and miss at first. Although back then Saturday evenings you would find me watching Trading Spaces (a reality TV show where neighbors switched homes and redecorated one room in the other person’s home). Many an idea for my own home came from watching this as did a new adventure in discovering I could lay my own ceramic tile floors, paint, upholstered furniture, repair cabinets, build retaining walls and fences. Cassandra and I would frequent antique stores and second-hand shops looking for ideas and treasures to add to our home.

By season two, we were watching Gilmore Girls weekly along with Trading Spaces – looking forward to the two hours together spent interested in the same thing. For Gilmore Girls we made coffee and had treats prepared. Sometimes her girlfriends (and on occasion boyfriend) would stop in to watch with us – no phones or interruptions were allowed. We lived in a little cottage style house at the time, just the two of us. My older two children were on their own by then. When I began to travel with work we would watch then call one another to discuss the show and for me to check in on her day. Her friends referred to us as the Gilmore Girls. We were not exact – we love nature and didn’t eat anything close to the junk that the show portrayed them as ingesting. Also, I did most of my own home repairs although I always wished I had a handyman friend like Luke and chef friend like Sooki.

Sometimes our lives paralleled the show. Like when I returned home after dropping Cassandra off to live in Pennsylvania with my oldest daughter, Allison. When I returned to our home for the first time knowing I would now be alone and life would never be the same it was an emotional moment. Life without children flashed before my eyes in hit my heart with a bang – what it would be like to have a home without children – empty. It would the first time in my life – I gave birth to my son Joe when I was 17 – living on my own. Not long after that day, I was watching a Gilmore Girl episode when Lorelai Gilmore (Loren Graham portrayed the Mom) walked into her home after her daughter, Rory, left home for the first time. In the show, Lorelai had been a Mom since 16. The show reflected her loss, her transition to a home that would never be the same. Lauren Graham and the director caught the emotion perfectly.  It was as if I were watching my own reaction in a replay before me. I felt her pain and that of so many other parents transitioning into this new realization.

We continued to watch Gilmore Girls – Cassandra from Allison’s home in PA and I from my home. She stopped watching after a while and started watching America Idol with Allison. At the end of her senior year I sold the ’empty nest’ to my granddaughter’s Mom and relocated to California with Allison. Cassandra relocated to Florida, then Pennsylvania (PA),  North Carolina, back to PA. During our relocations she became interested in Gilmore Girls once again. She would watch the show three hours in advance of my watching on the west coast so we would call one another the next day to catch up on the show and life.

In the meantime, my granddaughter became interested as well so we had three-way conversations for a short period of time. During the conversations we also discussed books and creative pursuits we were pursuing at the time. Those calls were a wonderful way to connect and bond.

Once the show went off the air I purchased the DVDs for each of the girls and myself. Eventually I relocated back to New York, Cassandra returned as well and my granddaughter was still living in our little cottage with her mother. She and her mother (who had purchased my home) were being referred to as “Gilmore Girls.” Life had taken a full circle.

We would enjoy Gilmore Girl weekend marathons mixed with sleighing, board games, hiking, visits to coffee shops and second-hand stores. Those were some of my favorite moments. Today, Allison is watching the reruns on Netflix and realizes that she really enjoys the show and understands why we were so drawn to it in the beginning – strong women, intelligent conversations, references to books, history, quirkiness, following your dreams, learning lessons and growing.

Imagine my surprise last year when I received a text from Cassandra about the upcoming Gilmore Girl Fan Festival being held within a couple of hours of my home. I immediately purchased tickets and reserved a hotel room. Our birthdays are in November so it was an early birthday present to us. Never did I regret that decision, it was a wonderful experience.

We met mothers, daughters, friends, sisters and some men from all over the world who shared in the same experience. A cult – maybe. A lifestyle – maybe. A love for strong women, single Moms rising to overcome challenges, continuing education, small business, entrepreneurship, relationships, friendships, adventure, books, history, love, compassion, overcoming obstacles, quirkiness, laughter, silliness, family, mother’s love – that is who we are and I am proud that others share in this same philosophy.

The Gilmore Girls Revival aired the weekend of my birthday so Cassandra and Colt spent the night and we watched all four episodes together. My granddaughter relocated to New Mexico this past fall otherwise she would have been hanging out on the pull-out couch with us. Of course there was coffee, gluten-free snacks, salsa and chips. We eat healthier than the show portrays the Gilmore’s appetite preferences. Cassandra made my ‘I Love Snow Shirt”. It was a wonderful time and even my one year old grandson, Colt, enjoyed the show.

We do not need a show to live our lives to their fullest but Gilmore Girls became a fabric that ran through our lives for over a decade. We are both college educated and lifelong learners. We are not afraid to try new things and don’t see anything as a failure – everything is a learning experience. My home is filled with books and I love coffee, bookstores, and coffee shops. This would have been the same with or without the show. We both continue to learn, grow and expand – Gilmore Girls will remain a part of our heart and a special time in our lives. So what’s in a NAME – everything and anything that you want it to be. Names have no meaning unless you give them meaning.

Have you ever been pulled together with others through a television series? If so, which show had this effect on you. If you are a Gilmore Girl fan, did you attend the Gilmore Girl Fan Fest?

Love and Light!

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WPC – Nostalgia

“I’m terribly nostalgic, but I’m with the Elizabethans who thought nostalgia was a disease. It’s a dangerous place to be because you can get caught up in it.” ~ Mark Gatiss ~

I think Mark Gatiss is correct. Being nostalgic is fine to visit however you don’t want to get stuck there.

Every time I visit my brother-in-law’s hunting camp a sense of sadness fills my heart. At the same time I feel filled with love and happiness from the wonderful memories shared at camp. The women would vacation at the camp in the summer. When fall arrived only the men were allowed. Over the last several decades the older family members have died and my brother-in-law, sister and their daughters have relocated to Florida and Kansas. Now, I just go and sit outside or walk to the pond to enjoy the view.


When I was a child they didn’t have a bathroom or toilet inside the camp. The earlier outhouse had two holes so I would go inside with my sister or mother. It was very dark at night in the Adirondack Mountains and before they installed electric we used oil lamps and  flashlights. My brother-in-law’s brother and my sister had hours of fun building Tee-Pees and running through the woods playing freely in nature.


Out behind the camp was a path to the pond. The red shed is still standing along the path. Once a well-worn path, now it is covered in grass due to the lack of use. The view of the pond is still as beautiful as ever especially in the early fall – before hunting season begins.

In the early days they pulled water from the pump. Now it is more decoration than anything however if it is primed water will still flow. We get our drinking water from the fresh water pipe down the mountain from camp. Non-potable water is now pumped into the camp from the creek for washing dishes.

Before I leave it is always a special treat to see the creek and remember the uncles fishing. They would wear long sleeve shirts, even in the heat of summer, hats with netting, long pants and boots. We may not see them for the entire day. We were always allowed to share in the fun, even though I didn’t eat the fish. Sitting by the creek I felt their presence. The photo to the left is from the left side of the road and the one on the right is behind the camp. Sitting near the camp, listening to the flowing water takes me back in time. I can’t linger too long because the memory can bring sadness knowing that they are all deceased – Mom, Dad, Johnny, Adam, Winnie, Betty, Mike and many more. The best thing about camp is all the memories we shared there in my youth and then while I was mother to my own children. They are wonderful memories and one of the reasons why I find being in nature is so soothing.

“We could never have loved the earth so well if we had had no childhood in it.” ~George Eliot, The Mill on the Floss, 1860 ~

When my older two children were young, they loved to run outside in the woods, fish in the creek, swim in the swimming hole across the street and build Tee-Pees out of sticks as we had when children. My older daughter took her first steps at camp. My son celebrated his 13th birthday and my nieces gifted him with naked playing cards. Poor Joe was outnumbered by all of my nieces and they enjoyed embarrassing him.

My youngest daughter spent hours in the woods pretending the area in the photo below was her home. She set up a stove, chair, and used small twigs and leaves in the pan for food to share with any willing adults who visited her.


“Nostalgia for what we have lost is more bearable than nostalgia for what we have never had, for the first involves knowledge and pleasure, the second only ignorance and pain.” ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic’s Notebook, 1960 ~

I am grateful for the wonderful memories of pleasurable times with family and friends. Even though no longer part of my life, it is such a great feeling knowing that my own children were able to share some of the same memories from my own childhood. It would be great to have similar memories to share with my grandchildren. They may not share in the camp memories however we are sharing nature in different ways and building our own memories.

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Love and Light!


WPC – Now


Sometimes, we get caught up in nostalgia, future visions/fantasy or both, and we don’t embrace the “now.” For this week’s challenge, take a moment to notice your present, and share a photo of it. If you would like to view other photos for this week’s challenge or to join in click on this link:

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/now/”>Now</a

For anyone who has visited my site in the past, you know that I can’t seem to add just one photo especially after a day of taking photos. Just too many to choose from.

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas at our home. Love the photo of Olivia. She was ripping through presents without stopping. As she began to open another present my son showed her the clock she had just thrown aside to explain that the ballerina legs are the hands of the clock. Her expression let’s us know her thoughts. She had been moving so fast she never noticed. Sometimes we have to bring children back to the now and slow them down for a moment in time.

My granddaughter was trying on her presents as she went. Having fun in the now of the moment. It was wonderful to have a couple of hours without cell phones or interference. My son was holding my 3 month old grandson, Colt. They were caught in the now while watching Taylor opening presents. Love their expressions. Even the baby was interested.

It was a wonderful day spent with family. Our family, probably like your own, has changed traditions as some members of the family died from year to year, divorces, growing children, new babies, new friends, new family members through marriage and relationships. Remaining in the NOW of the moment allows a family to adjust to the many life transitions.

My oldest sister sometimes stays in the past and the photos seems to capture her in some other place in time, the same for my brother-in-law.

My son is always transitioning from a beard to clean-shaven to beard. This year, beard and the new shirt was quite fitting. His girlfriend is a wonderful person who looks on lovingly.

I think the shirt matches my son with the beard

I think the shirt matches my son with the beard


My daughter photo bombing my granddaughter and her boyfriend. My granddaughter has a new boyfriend this year. He is a very nice young man. As I was capturing their photo my daughter snuck in to photo bomb. They both love anything 60s and 70s. She is my hippie soul mate. The little peace necklace she wears was mine when I was a teenager. On Christmas morning as she opened presents it brought me back to the past and how much I would have loved her presents at her age. Once snapped back to the present I went to my jewelry box knowing NOW was the moment to present my own necklace to her. She loved it!

My daughter photo bombing my granddaughter and her boyfriend

At the end of the long day, little Colt gave in to his sleep. With all the noise and festivities he was able to shut his eyes and enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Wonder what baby Colt is dreaming about

Wonder what baby Colt is dreaming about

Oh to be a little baby and be able to sleep when and wherever you are. Always in the now without thought of past or future. At what age do we lose this ability to live in the now every day. I see young children with books in hand at restaurants, parties, and any where they can reading now matter what is happening around them. They are able to remain in the now with an intensity that was never mine as a child. Today I am relearning how to live in the now, living mindfully and enjoying life.

Is there a technique you use to live in the now, mindful of the present moment and the preciousness of remaining there whenever possible?

Love and Light!


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Grid.”

Today my daughter, grandson, and I took a trip to the Adirondack Balloon Festival in Queensbury, NY. Although the wind kept the hot air balloons from flying this evening, the owners did try to inflate them for the crowd.

Knowing that this week’s challenge was ‘Grid’ I was mindful of finding a photo for the challenge. It didn’t take long. When the balloons were being inflated I immediately noticed the grids. So here are my choices for this week’s challenge.

I became so involved in taking photos that I lost my daughter and grandson for a while. Eventually we met up at the pizza vendor and actually found a little girl around three years of age who was lost. After calling out “Did anyone lose a child?” while walking through the crowd, a man turned to his wife and asked if she had their daughter. Both looked around and realized their little girl was missing. Her name was the same as the child we had found so they were reunited. It was scary because they had never even noticed she was missing. They had two other children standing near them and one in a carriage. We kept a very close eye on my grandson so there were no repeats.

Fun was had by all even though there were no actual flights. It was perfect weather for a day outside enjoying the sights and family time.

Love and Light!


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Today Was a Good Day.”

When I read this week’s challenge I thought – this will be difficult because everyday is a good day. Then tonight while visiting at my son’s house I decided today was a good day.

This morning I woke and went to the gym to meet with a trainer and then attended an exercise class. When I returned home I was feeling high vibration and danced around the house thinking I LOVE life. After showering and eating breakfast I headed out to my son’s house. On the way I stopped at a favorite fresh fruit stand to pick up some peaches and a Fruits of the Forest pie for my daughter who is four weeks from delivery of her first baby.

My daughter, her boyfriend, my son and I had a picnic and then played some crochet. As you can see from the one photo my son found his ball in the bushes and had a difficult play. While they were resting I captured some photos. After the third game of croquet we decided to take a walk.

Remember I said my daughter is pregnant, well she is four weeks away from delivery and not able to walk too far so my son suggested riding in the wagon. We thought he was kidding around but a little while later we heard noise coming from the garage. Sure enough he had a wagon and was placing a blanket in the bottom to make it comfy. As you can see from the photos it is a beautiful area and my son takes very good care of his ‘baby’ sister. He is also her God Father and I am very happy that they can have such fun together.

As I followed them down the driveway I thought – this is a ‘good day.’ But then, everyday I get to spend time with my grown children is a good day.

Cassie was a bit nervous when Joe decided to run down a hill with her in the wagon swaying back and forth. He was trying to get momentum to make it up the next hill, she holding on tight worrying about tipping over. There were no spills. She got out to walk for a bit. So Joe decided to take a ride down the next hill on his own. As you can see from the photo above he did make it safely down the hill. We were a bit nervous when he was heading toward the woods but he was able to steer clear. I think he will always be a little adventurous and maintain that child within that comes out every now and then to play. Well, really it comes out whenever he is with us.

Today was just one of those extra special good days.

Love and Light!