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What Will You Focus on Today?


Will you start today with a new mindset and change your life? Yesterday is gone, you can’t change what you said, did, thought . . . Don’t waste the day in yesterday, move forward from this day. Some actions you can take:

  • Write in your gratitude journal everything you are grateful for in this moment. Some things to be grateful for:
    • Family – love, connections, compassion
    • A good friend – or many
    • A job that provides necessities and security
    • A warm bed – pillows, warm blanket
    • Sitting in the Sunshine – feeling the warmth dancing along your face
    • Walking in the Rain, listening to the rain drops dapping on the roof
    • Healthy food choices – vegetables and fruits – enjoying the colors, textures, patterns, taste, feel
    • Water – potable drinking water, streams, swamps, rivers, lakes, oceans
    • A roof over your head – a place to cool or warm your body
    • Breathe – pay attention to the slow in and out breath
    • Nature – the gifts of food, all the variety of trees and the gifts they provide, vegetation, dirt, rocks, color, scents, textures, various size of each gift of nature
    • The way shadows and light play on the floor and walls around you
    • Children sharing flowers
    • Dew decorating leaves and flowers
    • Those creative moments when you bring items to life in a new way
    • The delightful sounds of birds singing, tinkle of wind chimes, rustling of leaves
    • And so much more

Here are a few things that bring me joy throughout the day, week, month, year.

Nature is ever changing just as our lives and what a beautiful way to embrace life by just enjoying the simple pleasures. Over the past year I have been incorporating nature into crafts whether using a sticks and seashells along with beads to create wind chimes, taking nature photos, using found sea glass and small stones to create jewelry, essential oils to create emotion roller balls, it has brought me closer to where I want to be in life. Living in a state of simple pleasure, being grateful for all experiences – those we label as good or bad, happy or sad . . . Each brings with it a learning lesson.

During times when we find ourselves out of vibration with where we were intending to be are the best times to focus on gratitude. Gratitude for the life lesson which confirms we are not moving in the direction of choice. Life happens – illnesses arise in ourselves or others, death occurs, jobs and relationships may end – however it is during those times that we can be thankful for the experiences, for the pleasure of knowing those who are no longer with us and the lessons learned from having them in our lives. Once we overcome the low vibration we can set out vision on the higher vibration by giving gratitude for simple pleasures and remain focused on those. Before you know it, new adventures present themselves, new people come into our lives, new life events to be grateful for and we are back on the path leading to where we rather be. Remember, not everyday may be filled with high vibration – someone may cut you off, you may spill coffee on your work clothing, you may be exhausted from a night of crying baby – however, it is your reaction to those events that will influence your day and what you remember of the day. Where you place your focus will determine the overall outcome so why not focus on all the blessings of the day and let the other flow off you like eggs on a Teflon pan.

So the question is, what will you focus on today? If you would like to share please leave a comment or complete the contact form below.

Love and Light!


WPC – Seasons

This week – Share an image evocative of the weather or represent the current “season of your life” in metaphor.

Whether seasons of the year or seasons of our life, each brings its own beauty, gratitude and sadness. Reviewing photos of the different seasons reminded me that my own life adjusting through the seasons from the young girl to the young Mom, almost overnight. That is how it sometimes feels with the changing weather patterns. Last week it was below zero, this week we are in the 50s. Some of the seasons of life are a little more difficult than others, just like the weather from one year to the next. Last year we had a long, hard, cold winter. This year we only had a few cold days in January and early February.

Our attitudes can change from one season to the next due to the amount of sunshine we receive, time spent in nature vs inside, layers of clothing needed to remain warm or cool, whether we are facing the arrival of a new baby or the death of a loved one. New babies are like spring bringing warmth, sunshine and new life. While autumn and winter can remind us of death, darkness and cold. All are a part of life and it is our thoughts and attitudes toward the seasons that determine whether we remain happy and optimistic throughout all kinds of weather and seasons in life.

We can let the seasons affect our lives or we can learn to live mindfully knowing that all seasons have a purpose and place. Each brings a beauty, even in death, that we can learn to be grateful for. You may ask how can we be grateful for death – it doesn’t mean that you are happy to have a loved one die – it does mean that you can be grateful to have been blessed with their life for as long as you were whether that be a moment, day, or lifetime.

That’s impossible, people have said to me. Then I share, when I miscarried my baby at ten weeks it was heartbreaking but I had two other children to care for and knew I could not get lost in my own grief.  I decided to focus on my two sisters, who were pregnant at the time, and rejoiced in their pregnancies and birth of their sons. Difficult yes but I found an inner strength and connection to God that I had never known. It was a year of sadness and happiness with my miscarriage in January, one nephew born in July and the other early December, ending the year with my Dad’s death two days before Christmas. I was 26 years old at the time. So, when I say to be grateful it is from my own life experience – gratitude in being able to rejoice in my pregnancy for a few weeks, in the birth of my nephews who I watched being delivered, then for having time spent with my father – all the time, love, and sharing of knowledge and skills we shared together. That was the year I learned to be grateful for all seasons of life learning that life, like seasons, can change quickly. We all have a choice – we can be grateful or hardened by the seasons of life. I chose grateful and it has made all the difference.

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Love and Light!