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Terrific Tuesday!

Wishing you all a Terrific Tuesday. Take time to enjoy the little moments in life that diminish before your eyes. They will not return for a later day.


Spending time walking on the pier with my daughter and grandson (2.5 years) reminded me of when my daughter at the same age. We would walk together holding hands enjoying the day. At home she would follow me around the house singing “I’m watching you, watching you…” while we prepared meals together.

Those were cherished times – holding hands and cuddling were my favorite times of the day. My grandson didn’t want to cuddle as much on this visit so we shared special moments playing, enjoying nature walks, and watching Curious George. Yesterday before heading back to San Diego he wanted to repair the tire on our McDonald’s toy. I gave him a roll of tape and he worked on repairing the tire. It was adorable. While watching Curious George they would show George’s antics and then children would try to replicate the cartoon by drawing maps of their park and finding their way around, learning about pulls bringing items to the second floor of the porch, and repairing things. Tanner was absorbing everything the entire time he watched the movie.

Thankfully I knew during our visits as we explored nature, laughed and played that these were precious moments. Exploring with children can open your eyes to things you may have long forgotten to notice. Watching them absorb their environment, observe the adults actions and listen to stories is amazing.

For today, enjoy those you are spending time with, get out in nature, check out shadows, the sound of trees rustling in the breeze, water dripping, and all the wonders of life. You don’t have to travel to enjoy your day – there is beauty all around you.

Have a terrific Tuesday:)

Love and Light!


Living Simply and Enjoying Life

For today, think about what truly makes you happy. Is it really hanging out in the stores in the mall spending money that you don’t have on items that you don’t need? Or, do you vibrate and feel wonderful in the garden, sitting in a swing hanging from a tree, walking down a path in a wooded area, sitting by a pond, lake, or ocean? Do you find pleasure listening to the sounds of nature, instrumentals or playing an instrument – watching children play, someone dance or dancing yourself? What is your pleasure??


Give your mind, body and spirit a break from the material world and enjoy the moment. Enjoy breathing in the air, seeing others smile, laughing, smelling flowers, feeling the the breeze on your face, sitting near water, listening to bird songs, the feel of dirt or grass underfoot, swimming, walking, or sitting still.

When your are overcome by mind chatter about what you don’t have, bills, responsibilities, health, choices to be made – allow the thoughts to flow without reacting, without emotion view them as you would a movie you are watching. Remain in a peaceful place allowing the thoughts to flow through the unconscious mind. As you sit in peace, you will realize that mind chatter is a mindless waste of time and useless for the betterment of yourself or anyone else. Living simply and enjoying life does not mean being useless or lazy. It is those who understand this lifestyle that learn to live in a peaceful place no matter how chaotic the world around them seems because we live in a world of flux with good and bad occurring every moment of the day. What you see depends on how you view and react to the world around you. We all have a choice, choice wisely and change your life.

If you are unsure how to bring this peace to your life contact me and we can discuss daily small steps to take until this becomes a natural part of your experience.

Wishing you a peaceful day filled with simple pleasures.

Love and Light!


WPC – Partners

Whether two of a kind or ten, give us subjects that are in sync with one another — show us partnerships.


When my granddaughter was small we were partners in crime. Whether having a tea party, exercising, or visiting special locations such as the one in this photo we had a great time together.


Rafting at Ausable Chasm located in the Adirondacks in New York State

Two of our favorite places to travel were to visit Natural Stone Bridge and Caves in Pottersville, NY or Ausable Caverns located in the Adirondack Mountains. Being a very young grandmother ‘Mimi’ at the time made our time play dates even more special and fun. Being a grandparent at any age is a blessing.

At my son’s gallery opening I caught these two young ladies in sync with one another both deep within their own thoughts as they contemplate the painting before them. Any guesses on what they were thinking?


Partners can be found everywhere. In nature, families, work . . .

What about the partnership between the light of the full moon and darkness of the evening sky. They complement one another. While walking in the woods I spotted a pair of Turkey Vultures and both landed in the same tree. That was quite a treat because it was the first time I had witnessed seen them. There size is quite impressive.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What about a partnership between two people whether that be in a couple holding hands walking in nature, a partnership between uncle and nephew watching someone open presents, or my grandson, Tanner, and Olivia riding on a train at a carnival. Check out their expressions. Now I wonder what they were looking at, neither one looks very amused. They both did laugh while riding on the train however this one shot caught them in a moment of what looks like possibly uncertainty about what they were seeing.


Watching people having fun and enjoying life raises my own sense of joy, happiness and love. Capturing this extends the feeling because you can return to the photos to witness them enjoying life in the moment. I remember my son and grandson on Christmas morning at my daughter’s home. They were watching my granddaughter open her presents and trying on all of her clothing at the same time. Even baby Colt seems amused.

While you were viewing this post we were in partnership. Some partners last a lifetime while others are fleeting. I hope that you have enjoyed this partnership.

If you would like to view more photos for this week’s challenge or would like to enter your own photos click on the link below.


Love and Light!


Transformation is Part of the Journey

As with life, transformation and growth are necessary parts of existence. So it was time to transform the look of this site. It has been over a year since the inception of this website and as a life coach transformation is part of our journey. Taking time to create a new look and color revitalized this site, in preparation for what is to come next. Creativity allows us to be open and ready for what life has to bring. and brings a breath of fresh air.

In our daily life it is important to take a different road, read new books, learn new ideas, grow, experiment, network, get out of our comfort zones. It is also important to get up and move – walk, dance, run, stretch. Adding in time for meditation brings a sense of peace as well. This makes life interesting and allows our brains to expand through the creation of new synaptic connections.

Just like water we too can be in flow and shine as we transform our lives. Sometimes tragedies or even constant worry can make people hard and unbending. Aging has a way of doing the same for many people as well. Let’s not allow this to happen in your life.

Remember we are all light-beings and can let our light shine at any time along our journey. Just as the light glistens in this piece of melting ice, you too can reflect your inner light out to the world.


Glistening Ice

In case you haven’t heard, science has discovered a flash of light that occurs at the moment of conception. Yes, we are truly light-beings:


In my own life shining my light and transformation are allowing me to awaken every morning in a state of gratitude. Everyday I wake knowing that I will learning something new, take a different road, visit a new location, read at least a chapter in new book or check out a new website.

Blogging was new to me over a year ago. I had no idea how to set up a website but was intrigued after viewing my daughter’s site. I watched a YouTube video, read a couple of books, and then took the plunge. I purchased domain names from GoDaddy then discovered that I didn’t need them on WordPress however I am still glad that they were purchased. Then after drawing some dragonflies and playing with words – Spirit of Dragonflies was born. A little more creativity with words and Guide to Awakening Your Inner Self: Begin Your Creative Journey Today was ready to go. Since that time I have learned to add widgets and tags, post weekly, became part of the The Daily Post photo challenge. Now that I have a quality camera I am sure you have noticed some changes in my photography although using my cell phone as a camera was very easy. I have taken classes at Apple to learn how to categorize photos, create iMovies, music on Garageband, and a presentation on Keynote. The goal being to upload an iMovie on this site with my own music.

Looking behind the lens of the camera has opened my eyes to a new perspective of the environment – micro and macro. My eyes have been opened to a whole new world. You may have noticed the change over the last year. Life is a canvas to create the world you want to see.

So that brings me to you and your own creative journey. Is there anything that you have learned or expanded on over this last year? If you have been following my post you might remember that jewelry making has also been part of my creative journey. Have you been finding time for writing, drawing, dancing, singing, exercise, jewelry making, photography, or other endeavors? If not, what’s holding you back?

If you say “I don’t have time. I don’t know how. I can’t . . . I shouldn’t . . .” Then please leave me a message or complete the form below. We can discuss how you can become the creative person you are meant to be and bring some excitement and joy into your life. If you have read my Meet Sandy post you know that I was a single, working Mom of three. Having children does not have to be an excuse for holding you back from creating the life you dream of, neither does working. Life is short and we are only given a certain amount of time to share our gifts with the world. Your children will be better for your creativity and happiness.

Remember, learning something new, being creative, and enjoying life bring not only happiness but increase your health and over all well-being. I hope to hear from you.

Love and Light!


Meditation – Guide to Your Inner Wisdom

Meditating in Nature

Meditating in Nature

Last weekend on our travel to the Catskills we sat by the waterfalls to enjoy the scenery and capture a few photos. It was a perfect spot to meditate and enjoy the peace of nature. No cars, motorcycles, or planes flying overhead. It was wonderful!

It always amazes me when traveling, or even close to home, that there is beauty all around us and some never take the time to discover what they are blessed with. Our minds race throughout the day. Many of our thoughts we would never share with others. Can you imagine what they would think if you shared every passing thought?

Many times visitors to a location will ask a local if they enjoy visiting the ocean, park, nature preserve that is within a short distance of their location and the local will share that they have never visited. Even though they have lived in the same location their entire life. In my hometown of Stillwater we are within a ten minute ride – longer if you ride a bike or walk but doable – of the Saratoga National Historical Park. There are roads which bring you to the post markers or trails that lead through the wooded areas. Many of the local people in surrounding areas have not spent any time exploring this historic site. This is a quick visit for those living in Schuylerville, Saratoga, Greenwich, Stillwater, Mechanicville and other localities. I am always surprised to speak with others at meetings or trainings who have never heard of this location or have heard but haven’t stopped to visit. While living in Long Beach, CA I had the privilege of living across the street from the Pacific Ocean. Every morning I woke to the view of the beach and would roll out of bed, throw on my sneakers and head over before work. You would think the beach would have runners, walkers and beach lovers every day – it didn’t. Some mornings I would pass one or two people, mainly dog walkers. In the evening I would be back for another walk and the same thing. On weekends, during the middle of the day the beach had many visitors in the summer months but I was surprised that those living within a very short walk didn’t enjoy the experience. This truly surprised me.

In my own backyard I am fortunate to walk into the Albany Pine Bush Preserve. There are trails throughout the area that can be reached on many roads throughout the area. On any given day, three or four cars will be parked along the road with people taking advantage while minutes away parking lots of the two large malls are packed, even on a nice sunny day such as today. Music blaring, signs throughout the mall, fast food, overpriced items all to entertain and keep the mind filled with chatter. Where do you spend your time? Does it bring long-term peace and happiness? Are there local areas to visit in your community that visitors are attracted to but you have not visited? Maybe today is the day to get out in nature and explore your community. Many of these natural areas are free to visit. How can you release your anxiety, stress, worry, and fear today? Get outside and listen to the birds singing, the frogs croaking, the trees rustling in the breeze. As I sit and type this post on my porch I hear several birds in the tree nearby singing love songs.

Our minds are like a snow globe – once shaken they can only calm if left to rest. Or, like water in a pond stirred from a turtle sliding in from along the edge or a foot entering into the mucky depth disturbing the surface under the water. You can’t see anything until the water is left at peace for a while, then water clears and you can see the bottom once again. Our minds are like this as well. When we are constantly thinking about something that brings worry, fear, or anxiety our thoughts become cluttered. It is through the practice of meditation and mindfulness that we allow our minds to be still and clear. What will arise from the depths of that quietude are creative ideas and direction after the meditation or sometimes while in the meditative states. Yes, these are thoughts as well however they come from a place of loving kindness without worry, fear, anxiety, or guilt. If you have important decisions to make and are deciding from a place of worry, fear or anxiety – STOP. Wait until your mind has time to rest and then make the decision form that place of peace and rest. It will make all the difference. Are you getting ready to send an email to a friend or coworker – STOP. Once again, wait until you are in a place of peace because the tone and result will be totally different.

When you take the time to unplug from the cell phone, radio, computer, television and sit in a state of quiet and peace your entire body is allowed to relax along with your mind. You get out of our own way and open to our inner voice that has been drowned out by all the chatter. When you take the time to enter this state of flow you get in touch with your inner wisdom. Isn’t it time you cherished yourself enough to allow your inner voice to be heard. Who knows what you may hear and how this may change your life in a positive direction.

Let’s start them young. Spend less time in the malls, at regulated sports activities, and magic parks with children and more time teaching them how to listen to their inner wisdom and make their own magic. Let them explore and find their creativity on their own. Teach them to meditate and find that inner peace to carry with them into adulthood. Imagine the lives they will live if you do.

Meditation not Medication

Meditation not Medication

If you are unsure how to meditate and would like some guidance, please send me an email. I provide one free 30 minute session and can share tools to help you start the process. If you are experienced and have witnessed results please share.

Be the light for those who follow. Love and Light!


WPC – Dance 2

There’s rhythm and motion all around us — this week, let’s capture some of it in a photo.

This week’s photo challenge spoke to me at a deeper level so I am adding another post. While taking a walk on Pebbles Island in Cohoes, NY, nature was showing off all of its wonderful magic. The Hudson River and Mohawk River, moving to their own rhythm and motion, magically meet and perform a spectacular dance for anyone hiking along the trails.

Nature truly inspires and rejuvenates my life. I find peace in my life when in nature and wishing you the same.

If you are interested in viewing other entries for this week’s challenge or would like to enter your own click on this link:


Love and Light!


2.5 Minute Guided Grounding Meditation

Ground yourself to the energy of Mother Earth



If you are finding yourself scattered, frustrated, anxious or worries during the day stop for a minute and listen to this 2.5 minute guided grounding meditation. It will bring you back to your center and remind you to ground yourself, releasing all that is blocking your energy. Yes, a 2.5 minute reprieve can bring you back to your center and change your day. Please check out the meditation I just uploaded to YouTube.

My gift to you:

Love and Light!


WPC – ‘Creative’ State of Mind


“Mindful and creative, a child who has neither past,                                                                                          nor examples to follow, nor value judgments,                                                                                                     simply lives, speaks and plays in freedom.”                                                                                                      ~ Arnaud Desjardins ~

Adults would benefit from remembering how to play like a child – releasing constant thoughts of what needs to be done – bills to be paid, aches and pains, offending comments someone made, what to make for dinner, dishes in the sink or whatever other thoughts might be taking up space in your mind. If it isn’t something that can be taken care of in this minute, why bother to worry about it. When the time comes to focus on that you will but no need to dwell on it all the time.

On February 14th I shared a blog about creating jewelry as I transitioned into a creative state of mind. My main focus for that necklace was a feather and wing, from there I chose which beads to pull together for the necklace. This necklace is called Angel Feathers.


This week I have been suffering from a cold and sleeping quite a bit after work. Saturday I slept until noon and lounged around with the windows open to allow some fresh air to clean out the germs. It was a beautiful day and around 5 pm I finally decided to get out for a walk and change of scenery. When I put my hand in the pocket of my coat I discovered the moon charm the owner of the bead shop had gifted me. During my walk thoughts of the charm made me think of creating another necklace. The beads and charms had been waiting in the creativity tray on the living room. Left purposefully where I would see them daily to allow time for my mind to open to new ideas.

IMG_6107 (1)

Tonight I fell right into the creative state of mind, removing beads from their strings, sorting them into small piles. Then without thought I picked up the wire and started stringing beads – the moon directing my creative flow. During the sorting I noticed two little turtles and Turtle Moon was created.


The best part of being in a creative state of mind is you lose sense of time, space reality. I love that I can make something one day, unstring and redo the next. While creating the Angel Feathers necklace the beads slid off a few times which ended up being a blessing because as they slid off I adjusted beads and was very happy with the results. If they hadn’t slid off it would have been a completely different necklace. Tonight no redos. Just lost myself in a creative state of mind. Another benefit of creating your own jewelry is you can wear it for a while, take it apart, mix and match with other pieces to create a completely new design.

Being in that state of creative mindfulness brings you to a place of peace allowing you to become one with the creative process. It is a place I love to visit whether in creating or during meditation. Both bring me to the same place in my mind and connect me to the creativity that is within, opening up a world of peace, calm, and enjoyment.

Do you find yourself getting lost in the creative process? Does the environment around you disappear? Does time stop? That is called mindfulness – you are lost in a creative place within your mind. This is a place we should learn how to experience at least weekly however daily would allow for optimum benefits to your health, emotions, and spirit.

Have you created anything this weekend? If so, please share a photo.

If you are interested in seeing other entries for this week’s challenge or would like to enter your own click on the link below:

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Light and Love!


What To Do When Temperatures Plummet – Create!

Today is Valentine’s Day. A day that feels more commercial than loving lately. Can you have this loving day without flowers, candy, store bought cards? It doesn’t matter anyway because it is -9 degrees this morning in the Capital District of New York State and when the thermostat dips that low, I’m staying home. There will be one run out to the garage to make sure the car starts and that will be it today. Burrrrr!

So what do you do on days when the temperature plunges. Let me share how my creative day began. It all started yesterday after my Therapeutic Touch class. I drove the 30 minutes to Saratoga Springs for an essential oil class only to park, walk the two blocks in the frigid temperature to a building that was locked. I walked around and even asked a man who was quickly walking past if I had the correct place. I did. My ears began to freeze so I walked the two blocks back to my car with my scarf whipping in the harsh wind. Was I angry you may ask – no because I was thinking maybe I had the wrong location. Once in the car I checked my email and noticed one from the woman who invited me to the class. She was asking, “Are you still coming?” That was sent 20 minutes prior to my arrival. I was at the correct building so I tried calling her cell but it went directly to voice mail. I let her know I had arrived but the door was locked. Then sent an email with the same response. This is the temperature reading in the car at that point in the day.


After waiting ten minutes with no response, it was time to head home. While driving down Broadway, I decided this shouldn’t be a wasted trip to Saratoga so I called my friend to see if she was home. The call went straight to voice mail. I didn’t leave a message but drove over near her home to the Saratoga State Park. There are always two plastic jugs in my trunk in case I am in the area to fill with fresh spring water. Saratoga Spring water is always a treat. You just have to bring a container and be ready to stand in line. It was below zero, how many people could possibly be standing in line? Around six actually. I pulled the scarf up around my head and stood at the spigot. It was so cold standing out in the wind but everyone was so friendly that I felt nice and warm inside. After filling the two jugs I remembered a Trunk show was being held at A Bead Just So store in Ballston Spa. I love beads and making jewelry – truthfully it was only a one time event but such fun. A Bead Just So was only a ten minute ride and heading in the direction of home so off to Ballston Spa.

Wow! That’s all I can say. So many beads of different sizes, shapes, colors, textures – looked like a candy store with so many selections that you could easily become overwhelmed. You can check out the sight by clicking on this link to their FaceBook page:

560212754139264 or their Store website: http://www.abeadjustso.com

First I stood at the door taking in the entire store from left to right. Slowly I made my way around the first table to the right – touching and checking each little bin. Then I found beads that sparked an interest – they spoke to my heart and raised my vibration. I spent time in this section lying the various colors, shapes and textures side by side until narrowing the selection down to five strings. Then moved on to a larger table to my right which was filled with more expensive strings laid side by side with each style piled high – jade and turquoise. Very beautiful and if I were a jeweler would have been where I spent my time, I’m an amateur so I moved on.

When in a bead store the shopper moves slowly and mindfully, allowing themselves to truly enjoy the moment. There is a quiet in the air of deep contemplation, similar to the atmosphere of a second hand book store. Shoppers are creating in their mind – blending items to see if they ‘feel’ right together. Time stands still, there is no time for cell phones  interrupting the process. Leave the cell phone in the car or turned them off. One can lose themselves and become one with the beauty around them. It probably helped that I spent the morning in meditation and practicing Therapeutic Touch.

In the center of the room was a very large table covered in beads of similar sizes, textures, and designs but in various colors. It was a brownish, orangish with a hint of green day and that is what drew my attention. In my mind I began to see the beads coming together as beautiful necklaces. There were small bins filled with charms – trees, leaves, wings, dragonflies, butterflies, Buddhas, and many more at the end of the table. So many to choose from. I grabbed a small box to lay out my beads and allow for better visualization. That is when I narrowed my choices to those that matched and I could visualize in flow together.

Arriving home I stopped to make some dinner, throw in the laundry, check my email and then it was time. After pulling out a tray and placing a blue cloth in the bottom I was ready. I grabbed the box with my left over beads from three years ago, then emptied the beads, charms, wire and tools into the tray. After staring into the tray, the beads were each released from the strand holding them and then organized into categories. Beads of similar shades together, charms sorted by color – once organized it was time to decide where to start.


The feather charm was the first to grab my eye so that was where to start. My son’s ex-girlfriend, Alee, is a wonderful jewelry maker. Alee presented me with several dragonfly necklaces and earrings over the years. She was the first person to bring me to a bead store and rekindled my love of beads. In the sixties and seventies we had jars of beads in our home – thousands of several colors. We always made and wore beaded necklaces. Not sure where all those beads went, Mom probably threw them out after we left home.

Alee’s technique was to lay the beads out on the table and rearrange until she had exactly what she was looking for. She may have a painting or magazine clipping that would inspire her. Alee is an artist who uses many types of mediums. Beads, feathers, small clippings from children’s books, acrylic and water paints, clay, and such. This is not my style, although it seems much more organized and successful. My technique is to just start placing the beads on the wire and let myself flow into the design. There were changes along the way, sometimes the beads slid off the wire and had to be restrung. It did not matter, I was in flow. I knew each side had to match. That there had to be room at the end for the latch. The charms had to be wired and placed so they would dangle when worn and not look out of place. I went with a metal feather and wing. At the latch I placed a charm that read ‘Made with Love’. What a perfect charm for Valentine’s Day.


It took several hours and nothing else mattered during that entire time. No other thoughts of what I should be doing, bedtime, hunger, thirst, temperature – nothing else mattered for the entire time I was creating.

You may be saying well I have a family, obligations, phone calls, bills . . . What I am saying is, it doesn’t have to be jewelry making. It can be drawing, journaling, cooking, dusting, rearranging furniture, crocheting, dancing, or even painting with food coloring. What is it that can take you to that creative place in your mind, heart and touch your soul.

I have raised three children myself. Being a single working Mom with three children isn’t easy yet we had craft time, making cookie time, dance time, painting time, nature time. If you have children, what better time to teach them mindfulness than when they are young. Learning to be creative will teach them self-care. Isn’t that what we want for our children, to grow up being able to take care of their health and find happiness and joy in life. They want the same thing for you.

If you live on your own and find yourself depressed at times, what better way to move through the fog of depression than in creating. I have been there too. When that fog of depression took its grip over my life, creating was my lifesaver. Especially while I was raising the children. How could I sink when they needed me? Creating held me up and carried me through. It was during these times that I actually created more because it brought me to a place of peace and self-love. That is where we find ourselves and meet the person we were meant to be.

We all have choices and are given one life – well at least this time around depending on your beliefs. Why not take control and empower yourself through creation and self-love. No need to let disappointments get in your way of having a wonderful day – life, just move on. Do something that allows you to lose yourself in the process for a while – without drugs or alcohol. Creating is the best mind and health booster there is. If more people lived mindfully and enjoyed the blessings in life there wouldn’t be time for wars, anger, hatred, depression, stress related illness. . .  you name it.

I would love to hear what you create and if you are able to delve into that mindful place within where self-love resides. If you do, please share so others may learn skills and techniques to reach that place as well.

Love and Light!