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In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Careful.”

Last month I went to visit my nephew in New Hampshire, USA and he brought us to do a little sight-seeing. One of the places visited was the glass blowing shop. The workers worked mindfully and cautiously as to not make a mistake. It reminded me that many crafts take a mindful approach and the creator must maintain an intense sense of the craft before him blocking out all interferences. Including the crowd that is standing around watching them as they create.

Do you think you are mindful enough when creating? This is a skill that many are lacking but can become part of your every day life.

Try starting today by eating mindfully – removing all distractions to include cell phones, television, radio, newspapers, reading material. Allow the sounds around you to swirl around your head but not enter into your thoughts. Be careful what you allow to enter into your thoughts.

If thoughts do enter allow them to be released for another time. Slowly breath in the scent as you bring your fork or spook to your mouth. Pay attention to the texture of the food on your tongue. Does it crunch when you bite or is it soft? Chew your food slowly a number of times before swallowing – try ten times. Feel the softened food on your tongue and as it flows down your throat into your stomach. Don’t take another bite for a few seconds, then repeat. Do you eat one item at a time or mix several together on your plate? Notice the colors, shapes, sizes, textures on your plate or in your bowl.

Enjoy of cup of tea. First by turning on the kettle to heat your water – not in the microwave. Watch the bubbles rumbling around the kettle and then the steam as it flows out from your cup as the water hits the bottom. What kind of tea have you chosen? A calming, energizing, green or black? Do you add cream, milk, honey, sugar? If so add these ingredients slowly. Watch the milk or cream disperse into the cup in a swirling flow. Is there a design in your cup? If you add honey can you see the honey melting into the tea water? When sitting down to enjoy your tea – sip it slowly. Take your time to really feel the warmth of the tea as it flows from your lips, mouth and down your throat warming you as it enters. Can you taste the flavors? Try not to drink this quickly, allow time for the enjoyment of the moment. Savor the moment without distraction of television, cell phone, computer. Maybe listen to some soft music or meditative sounds like bells or flute.

This is what the two craftsmen are doing with their glass creations. Slowly waiting for the piece to cool, to heat up, for each step to be taken at the right moment. They are living in the moment, enjoying their craft and life. As you can see there are no cell phones, televisions or other distractions – just the audience coming and going. The craftsmen do not stop to chat or even look up at those coming and going. They remained focused and careful of what was before them.

If you can create a mindful life your body, mind and spirit will thank you. Add in quiet time in nature and you will enjoy a well-lived life.

Time to enjoy a cup of tea while sitting outside in the colorful nature of autumn.

Love and Light!