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Enjoying Nature with the ‘Big’ Kids

My daughter and her friends – grown up, purchasing homes and having babies. It doesn’t seem possible but it’s so nice to see what wonderful individuals and parents they have become.

Amanda (always Mandy to me) and her husband Kellin, invited me over for a visit. What a surprise when I arrived. 61 acres of mostly old growth forest and a home from the 1800s. Sorry now that I didn’t snap some photos of her home but nature is always a priority for us. I didn’t even get photos of Mandy’s little guy, Madde. He went in for a nap so he didn’t get to explore with us. Maybe after my grandson’s birth in September I will be able to get photos of all the little ones together.

Here as some of the photos from our walk in nature. What a gift to have as a backyard.

As we walked up the wooden steps a couple of snakes slithered into the space between the top steps. I realized that I wasn’t afraid. Over the years I must have lost my fear of snakes and it felt great. Then we chose which path to take. Along the path miniature frogs hopped about over and under the leaves. There were hidden treasures throughout the woods left over from days gone by. There were a couple of abandoned wells that Mandy and her family will have to fill in eventually to avoid any future disasters.

The variety of trees was quite amazing. Mandy said the previous owner allowed a lumber firm to cut down cherry, oak, and other trees and haul them out down the service road. That service road will become a driveway for her in-laws in three years. They are taking their time to build their home back near the original house and barn.

This land had been abandoned and ignored for so long that local teens began to use the land for their private partying place. The first night that Mandy and Kellin stayed at the house a couple of cars pulled into the driveway, that is until Kellin walked out onto the porch. The first car turned and pulled back out with the others following. Mandy laughs now, but she was a bit frightened that evening. Now that the walls and ceilings have been painted the abandoned house has become a home.

The one thing that I found amazing was how time seemed to slow down while we explored the woods.  It felt like we went back in time to when they were twelve and thirteen. The girls would come to see my daughter, Cassie, and stay over for the weekend. We shared many Easter and Christmas holidays together as well as normal days. I love these girls and have fond memories from those earlier days. It brought back memories of a rainy day when the girls were bored and sad about the rain. I turned up the music, opened the front door and went out to dance in the rain. The girls stood in the doorway watching, embarrassed. Then Cassie ran out with Mandy following close behind. Mel decided she wanted to join in. As I watched them dancing in the middle of the street laughing and releasing their self-conscious bondage, I knew they would be fine. Watching them now, I’m impressed at how they dote over their little ones, bringing them outside to enjoy nature, playing with them and providing good homes. It gives me hope that their children will grow up to be close friends, to learn the true value of nature and how precious it is.

Love and Light!