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Growth – WPC

In this first week of the year, many people anticipate beginnings, changes, and opportunities for growth. Share with us an image that evokes this spirit of change and newness — the smile of a new friend, a freshly planted garden, an empty journal waiting to be filled. Growth is very personal, and I encourage you to interpret this as literally or as broadly as you like. Happy New Year — we can’t wait to see your photos!

People are like dirt. They can either nourish you and help you grow as a person or they can stunt your growth and make you wilt and die. ~ Plato ~

When I noticed this little tree growing in the inside of a rotten tree trunk I found it uplifting. From decay – new growth was being supported. This is an amazing environment we live in. Just like this little tree, we need to have a supportive environment to thrive and grow strong.


What kind of environment do you find yourself living in? Are the people closest to you uplifting or dampening your spirit? This is a perfect time of year to weed out those you are stunting your growth and begin attracting more people who support and encourage you and, in turn, do the same for them.

If we can surround ourselves with supportive and loving family, friends, coworkers, business partners, and home environments imagine what we can all accomplish. It is time to create an environment which allows you to thrive and fulfill your purpose.

Wishing you a year of growth in love, laughter, joy, creativity, adventure, and success.

Love and Light!

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Write a New Story for 2016

Are you ready?


Do you want to write a new story but find yourself replaying the old one year after year?

Let’s get together and write a new story for 2016. One where you take the lead and begin to manifest your dream life. If you say you can’t change anything, then you are correct however if you are ready to live BIG, I can guide you along a new path one step at a time.

Deer trails

Break off into a new direction.


Go ahead, give it a try. The first 30 minute call is free. We can chat to see if we are a match. If so, we can form a partnership.

Time doesn’t stand still for anyone. Today is the day to transform your life and play the lead role in your own LIFE. It won’t always be easy but will be well worth the time and effort. My goal is to guide people using their own skills, knowledge, resources, and networking abilities to spread their wings and fly!

Go ahead and leave an email or email me privately: spiritofdragonflies@gmail.com.

I look forward to working with you and witnessing your transformation.

Love and Light!




52 Week Money Challenge

If you have difficulty saving money try this technique. Take small steps and save big by the end of the year. Decide on a goal and watch your money grow throughout the year. I did this last year and it was fun.

52 Week Money Challenge

This money was never to be touched so by placing it in a jar and only touching the jar when placing money within allowed me to keep an out of sight out of mind savings. Have some fun with this. If you live with other family member, get them involved in watching the money grow. Maybe set a family goal or use the amount saved at the end of the year to start a nice nest egg by keeping the money and adding to it in 2017 too.
Love and Light

Home Philosophy

Saving money can be very difficult if you don’t plan it out well. That is why I’m here to introduce to you the 52 Week Money Challenge. I’m not the first person who has thought of this concept that I’m about to introduce to you. Unfortunately, I don’t know the original source. However, my goal is to forward this great information to encourage and motivate you to save money for something you really want.

Let me explain this challenge. Take a look at the template below. It consists of 52 weeks and for each corresponding week, you will add that amount. So Week 1 = $1, Week 2 = $2, Week 3 = $3 and so forth. If you’re starting late like I am, you can catch up by putting in the missed weeks or start now and end in January. To keep track of the weeks, I’ll be…

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Living in a State of Gratitude

Today as you rise and start your day take a moment to look around and give thanks for all of your blessings. If you think, what blessings then you aren’t looking close enough.

Message of the day.

Did you open your eyes? Can you see? Did you have a bed to sleep in and were you warm during the night? Some people did not wake this morning, some did not have a bed to sleep in or warm place to rest. Do you have clothing to wear, warm water to bathe in, soap, breakfast, coffee? Those are things to be grateful for. Is there a supply of air to breath? Take two minutes to be grateful. Slowly breath in and out three times. Look around the room where you are sitting. Is there anything in that room which makes you feel gratitude? You might have to start slowly and that is fine.

Here are some examples:

  • I am grateful for the breath that I take.
  • I am grateful for the trees outside the window that provide shade and homes for the squirrels.
  • I am grateful for the light on the end stand that lights the way when it is dark.
  • I am grateful for the painting on the wall that lifts my spirits.
  • I am grateful for this cup of tea.

Think about everything you have in your life at this moment to be grateful for. Start small and then grow from there. Are you blessed with:

  • Health even if you have illness there are areas in your body that are working such as being able to walk, breath, use your hands/fingers
  • Friend(s) – you don’t have to have several because one close, trusting friend is a blessing
  • Family – even if they live far away can you be grateful for cell phones or FaceTime which allows you to remain in contact
  • Job or income source that allows you to eat and have a place to live, transportation . . . provides you interactions, creativity, new ideas
  • Dishes to eat from and possibly share meals with others
  • Books to read and learn, a library or book store to connect with others
  • Shoes to protect your feet from the elements
  • Blankets to keep you warm and a pillow to rest your head

We all have so small things to be grateful for everyday of our lives and it starts with waking in the morning, opening our eyes, and being able to breath. That is a gift!

Be the light and share that light with others. If you wake in the morning and have what is needed to survive the day you have been truly blessed. Is your heart beating, is your body digesting, can you see, or hear, or feel? Even if you need others to help you make it through the day, you can be thankful whether that be family, friends, community, government. If there is someone providing care and essentials then be extra grateful that you were blessed with this assistance and those who work to provide this for you whether it be rental assistance, food subsidy, heating or electricity assistance, subsidized health insurance. I remember when I received food stamps and heat assistance for a couple of month when I was laid off. For my children and I, it seemed we hit the lottery and we were grateful for the ability to purchase food and heat our home. One year my family was adopted at Christmas and the college students supplied presents for the children and a couple for me, plus food. It felt as if Santa was real that year. Now my sister and I purchase Christmas for a family every year and we feel grateful for the ability to share even though we will never see or know the families. If you are grateful for all of your blessings, one day you will find yourself on the giving side of what was given to you. Life is a beautiful thing!!

As you can see, we all have something to be grateful for everyday when we wake and each evening when we go to sleep. The more you focus on what you have and be grateful for whatever that is, the higher your energy will rise and the more you will attract to be grateful for.

Sending you love, light and abundance to carry your through your day and into your sleep.

Today I am grateful for my life and everything that I will be able to do during the day to guide people and for all those people who come into my life to guide me. This life is reciprocal and we get in return what we give. So give all that you can, even if it is a beautiful smile to a stranger passing by. That stranger will have something to be grateful for today as well.

What are you grateful for today? I would love to hear from you so we can be grateful for sharing with one another and sharing a high vibration.

Love and Light,


Challenging Ourselves One Step at a Time


This is the year of challenges and taking chances – one step at a time. If we don’t try we will never know what we are capable of accomplishing. Recently, while in Barnes and Noble, I picked up a copy of Digital Photo magazine and found the 2015 Landscape Photo Contest. I have submitted four photos and was surprised to discover that two of the four have 200+ and 100+ votes. All four have with 5 stars ratings with the third totaling over 90 votes and the last entry with 8.  I was excited and grateful just to have the opportunity to enter the contest. All four photos were taken prior to receiving my new Nikon camera. If you like my photos I would be very grateful if you would visit the sites I have attached below and vote for these photos.


Peaceful setting at Nelson House in Saratoga National Historical Park

The red house has been visited by my children and I for many years. We would take long walks in the park and stop to for a snack and drink of water. When small, my children would play on the porch and pretend that they lived in this home. As adults we stop by and take a rest on the porch. The tree is beautiful in the autumn and I have plenty of shots of this with the reds and orange leaves. In the spring there is a beautiful lilac bush in bloom and walking past the fresh scent of lilacs greats you. From this porch you can see for miles across the Hudson River to the mountains of eastern New York. It is a breathtaking site especially in autumn and when dusted in a winter snow.


Autumn at Adirondack Lake located in Indian Lake, NY

Autumn at Adirondack Lake located in Indian Lake, NY

Adirondack Lake is the perfect spot for kayaking in spring, summer or fall. It is a nice place for fishing and hearing loons. Last year while kayaking we met upon loons and their nest in the far off area of the lake. It is a very peaceful setting. This photo was taken on an overnight at Binder’s cabins located across the street. If you ever get the chance to visit upstate New York and travel on Route 28N stop by and take a little rest at Adirondack Lake.


If you have a chance and would like to vote for my photos I would be very grateful for your support. If you have photos that you would like to enter you still have time to enter the contest.

When we take small steps eventually we reach our goals. What steps are you taking to reach your goals?

Love and Light!



Finding Balance on Your Life Journey

Guiding you on the journey from darkness into the light

Guiding you on the journey from darkness into the light. We need both because the world is a balance – a give and take. Without one we do not seem to appreciate the other. Looking at what you do not want allows you to focus on what you do. As you begin to focus more on what you want, you begin to attract what you focus on into your life.


Allowing the light to show you the way – see the contrast and focus on what you want in life.


Finding the messages in nature. This reminded me of a heart and someone left the message to find balance and be open to the beauty in the world and spread love.

If you need some assistance in finding balance and reaching your goals I would love to guide you along on your journey. Feel free to contact me for a consultation.

Love and Light!


What Are Your Words Attracting Into Your Life?

When you talk to yourself or when you talk to others do you ever pay attention to your choice of words?

Lately when conversing with people on conference calls, during meetings I have been paying attention to their choice of words. Most of the people in these situations are living the Law of Attraction, focusing on positives, meditating and yet their life is not matching what they are practicing. They can’t figure out why. It doesn’t take long to figure out what is going on. What they are telling themselves explains it all. During the times in my own life when I wasn’t in flow it was due to what I was telling myself. If you pay attention you may just surprise yourself.

Lately I have been spending a lot of time listening to my own words and noticing when I use not, always, never, can’t, don’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t . . . Now I quickly change to I can, I am, I desire, I’m in the process, I’m ready . . .  When I catch myself using the negative words I stop myself, take a breath, then change the words. I have also helped others on the coaching conference calls and during meetings to notice their word choices. Once brought to their attention it surprises them. They rephrase their sentence with more appropriate words to manifest the world they wish to see.

Last week while sitting in the office – I sit on the other side of a cubical wall from some coworkers – I listened to a conversation between two coworkers. One of the woman has been sick quite frequently. It surprises me because she is very conscious of healthy eating and exercises regularly. She is generally positive yet she is either suffering from a cold, recouping from a cold, or in the beginning stages of a cold. While she was speaking I heard her say, “I am always sick . . .I can’t seem to . . . It never . . . ” Can her words be the cause of her sickness. The other worker shared that she was suffering from some pains in her body. She said, “I always have this pain . . . Pain in the neck . . . Can’t stand it . . . ” They spent around fifteen minutes in conversation sharing everything they felt was going wrong in their life. So I ask you, if thoughts are things, are they manifesting sickness and pain into their lives? What if it’s true that what we tell ourselves is reflected in the world around us. Then wouldn’t it be true that they are bringing this suffering upon themselves.

What words do you use when you’re in conversation with others? Do you ever say – they are a pain in the neck – they make me sick – I can’t stand that – I can’t breathe – my heart aches – pain in the ass…

Recently I have listened to motivational speakers on webinars, YouTube, and other videos. They appear to be happy, healthy, and excited about life. They use words such as love, wonderful, exciting, beautiful, abundant, successful… say “I am . . . , I am in the process . . . , I have . . . Some look in the mirror every morning motivating themselves when they first wake and before going to bed. Margaret Lynch shared that she dances and sings out “I am it, I am ready, I have it all . . .” They write in their gratitude journals, keep gratitude jars, wake in the morning thinking grateful thoughts about being blessed with another day of life. They live their day in a state of mindfulness, staying in the moment throughout the day while taking steps toward their goals. What a wonderful thing to incorporate into our own lives.

Over the last year I have started using mirror work. Every morning I look into the mirror and tell myself this is a great day, I am a success, I am worthy, I am abundant and living a  wonderful life, that I am OK the way I am. Upon waking in the morning I feel the sheets, pillow, enjoy the sun shining through the curtains, I think about family in photos and send loving thoughts, when looking at the special items in my room I feel grateful for all the blessing in my life at this moment in time. While getting ready for work I send a beautiful loving light out to the world, to my office, my car, my coworkers. This prepares the world for me prior to my leaving home.

While at work I pay attention to my words. When I notice any negative words flow from my mouth I stop and restate with words that will manifest the life I wish for. The important thing is to pay attention and catch yourself. Sometimes you can help others change their words by bringing to this to their attention. Not every time but there are people you will meet and will know they will be thankful. We aren’t the word police however we can rephrase the statement in our mind. You’ll notice that they are manifesting the life they want through the language they are using in their everyday language. It may not be the life they really want, but it is the life they are thinking and speaking.

What would our life look like if you focused on using inspiring words that manifest the life you want to manifest? What would you feel like inside if you only spoke loving, positive words to yourself and others – if your mind-chatter focused on what you really wanted to see? You would bring to reality the life you wish to see, sharing love with everyone you interacted with.

What we say, think and do is what we manifest into our lives. Today, pay attention to your words and notice if what you have been saying and thinking is reflected in your life. If this is what you want than great, if not, then try changing your choice of words for a couple of weeks and see what happens. Please let me know what you discover.

Love and Light,


Be Grateful and Remain Focused on What You Want

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut and can’t think beyond the immediate situation whether that be lack of finances, dislike of our job, house repairs, anger at a spouse or significant other, our children’s poor behavior or a multitude of other daily events. Sometimes these thoughts take over our life and we can’t seem to move forward.

Now think of times in your life that you were so happy and content that you wanted the feeling to last forever. The birth of a new baby, wedding, engagement, while playing with children, a windfall of cash whether it be income tax return – inheritance – bonus, vacation, everything working the way you planned.

We need more of the feelings we receive from the latter when we are happy and content in life. We can have this everyday maybe at different levels but it is always there and available to us no matter what is occurring outside of us. Even if we are ill, know someone who is ill, have lost a loved one, or had any other life events that cause a trauma, sadness or leave us at a loss for what to do.

You may be saying this isn’t possible. How can you remain happy and content in life if you just found out you have cancer or a loved one has a terminal disease? Or you may wonder how anyone can be happy if they become unemployed, can’t pay the bills, foreclose on their house.

There are people who do remain in a place of contentment and find something to be grateful for no matter what the circumstance. You have heard the expression if one door closes another opens. Look at people you may know who have lost jobs they despised. Even though they despised the job and complained about it daily, the loss of that position made them face a closing door. What if they had been grateful to have a job, to receive a paycheck, to enjoy getting up and going to work with their coworkers. When they no longer had this position they became grateful for the job and angry that it was no longer available. Now they had to face the new world of job searching, maybe learning new skills, reevaluating what was important in a job and heading in a different direction. They may have decided to start their own business in a field they love. As they move forward in this new position they become grateful that they were laid off or fired because it put them on a trajectory to where they wanted to be. It may have been the push they needed to move them in the direction of their dreams.

For someone who is ill, maybe they were living a life filled with stress or displeasure, not properly caring for their body. This is not for all people who become ill but if you look around there are many that are ill as a result of their eating poor diets, smoking, consuming too much alcohol or drugs, taking too many prescription drugs, lack of exercise, constant stressing over what might be. Sometimes an illness can be the wake up call – your body letting you know what you are doing isn’t working. Many times after a stressful situation that continues in the person’s mind well over the time of the event they may become ill. There are people who once they find out they are ill change their diet and begin a healthier lifestyle. Maybe they quit smoking after a heart attack and begin to eat natural food, adding more fruits and vegetables into their meal. They begin walking daily or join a gym, participate in a 3 or 5K event. They realize they are grateful for the illness that change their lives.

My question is why not just be grateful everyday for what we do have. Today I am grateful that I have a job that provides a decent salary with benefits, a rental home that keeps me safe and warm, food to eat, a car to drive, an Apple computer and iPhone. I didn’t always have these luxuries. When my children were small we didn’t have a car so I walked them to the babysitter and then walked the mile to work. We didn’t have a telephone (a time before cell phones) or a television. We spent our time together dancing to records on the turntable (we didn’t have CDs then). The kids played outside with the neighborhood children and they all came to my house to play and have snacks. They built an airplane from the toy box and wood in the back of the apartment and we played hide-n-seek in our house. We didn’t have very much but I was grateful everyday that I had my children and a job to pay the bills always knowing that their was more. Knowing that we would have more one day. I didn’t sit and feel bad, I searched for ways out of the situation. This is when I decided to find a way to attend college. Taking one course at a time, in the evening, over an eight year period I finally received an Associates in Science degree. My position in the factory changed from dish machine operator to Customer Service Representative to Office Manager, handling shipping and production, and eventually over the nine years I accepted an outside sales representative position. There were times of stress, three-month unemployment, little food to feed the children but we survived and looking back I feel this was due to feeling gratitude everyday the day – not every moment of the day – but throughout the day. In the midst of financial difficulty we could still dance, play, and focus on a better life in the future. I was grateful I had a job, that we had a place to live, and lived in an area where neighbors helped neighbors. It wasn’t the best location but it was safe and there were plenty of children on our street. I never doubted that the situation was temporary.

The day I received my Bachelor Degree from a private college I thought this was it. I was grateful to have received my Associates Degree so the BA was a bonus and the result of meeting the right people who guided me along the way. When I walked the stage at SUNY Albany to receive my Master’s Degree, I once again stood in awe because I knew anything was possible. Being open to receiving and meeting people along the way opened doors for me. There were many people along my path that provided insight, direction guidance and love. Not all of the advice and direction was welcomed at the time presented but they all provided direction needed at the time and I am forever grateful.

Live in the space in between – a grateful space between where you are and where you want to be. That space where people and events occur that clear the path to your future. Learn to be grateful in that space. Last year I walked the stage at UCLA to receive my Creative Writing diploma and tears filled my eyes because when I was that young mother walking to the factory job I had dreamed of the day I would graduate from UCLA. Dreams come true and once one is fulfilled have another waiting or in process.

Never give up, always continue to move forward one step at a time. Your dream today can become your reality tomorrow if you can just be grateful for where you are today knowing you are steps away from where you want to be. Smile once in a while and be friendly to all. You never know when the person you are speaking with in a coffee shop or while standing in line at the grocery may be a person to open a door and take you one step closer to your goal or you may be that person for them.

If you are interested in learning more about taking steps to reach your goals, please fill out the contact form below for a free one hour coaching session. I would love to hear from you and guide you on your path.

Live large, be grateful, and love life!!

Love and Light,



Snowy Day Decluttering Cont.

Update on my snowy day decluttering project. I would like to share that I have removed over 200 hundred books from my shelves after using Marie Kondo’s method of spreading the books on the floor and asking myself “Does this spark joy?” The result as you can see from the photo is a pile of books to donate and space on my shelves for other items that do spark joy.


Don’t get me wrong, I still have hundred’s of books but was able to leave space on those still housing books and emptied one completely. Loving the space and will try this again in a couple of weeks to see if I can release more. The closets and drawers look great. Tomorrow will be the papers. Next week will be the kitchen cabinets again even though there isn’t very much to take out of those. The last decluttering removed all poor choices in food and they have not returned. Many dishes were released as well. By Spring this house will be home to only those items I truly love.

Another benefit of this process was by sharing my decluttering others were inspired to begin the process as well. That is what life is about, being inspired and inspiring others. Remember Law of Attraction – we attract what we think and feel. I feel abundant, giving, inspired, and free so I know the Universe is providing me with more of what I want in life. By releasing what no longer is needed in our life we can begin to attract what we do want as we move forward. Loving life!!

If you have an experience that you would like to share or if you would like a free 30 minute coaching session to help you get started leave me a comment below and I will be in touch.

Love and Light,