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WPC – Life Imitates Art – 2

This week, find inspiration in a piece of art. Then, imitate it.

While visiting my son, Joseph Yetto, a painter, on the easel I noticed he was painting a self portrait. Of course I made him poise next to it and he accommodated me.

My son's self portrait

Joseph Yetto’s self portrait in progress

This isn’t his first self portrait. When my daughter, Allison, and I shared an apartment in Irvine, CA I placed a life size self portrait of Joe in the hallway near my room. This is Joe staring out at you. Actually when you move in front of this painting it feels and looks as if he is following you with his eyes. I love it! It currently hangs in a guest bedroom in my home.

Joe's self portrait from the early years

Joe’s self portrait from the early years

When Allison went to the bathroom in the night I would hear her scream and then say, “Joe you scared the crap out of me.” It would always make me laugh because she never remembered it was hanging there until she was exiting the bathroom. Still makes me laugh!

In my youth I had wanted to become an artist and loved drawing, especially with India Ink. Having my son become an accomplished artist has been a wonderful experience. I live vicariously through him as he engages with the art world and networks with some of the great artists such as his recently deceased employer, Ellsworth Kelly. One day, I shall return to drawing and might even try a little painting myself. One never knows what they are capable of until they try. As a parent I always told my children to do what they love and the money will follow. Luckily, Joe listened. Isn’t life grand!!

If you would like to see more of his work click on this link:  http://josephyetto.com

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Love and Light!