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Autumn in the Adirondacks


While traveling for work today I had the privilege of natural beauty all around me. It was breathtaking. Almost made me want to forget about my meeting and continue traveling.


Luckily I was out of the office before dark and took my time traveling home. Tip for the day, always have your camera on hand and ready to go. It is important to be able to drive and soak up the beauty of nature, to stop once in a while to stretch and capture the sights. When traveling remember to get out every hour or so and stretch, walk around a bit, drink plenty of water, and carry healthy snacks such as fruit and some nuts. Don’t forget to chat with the local store owners and have a cup of coffee or tea at a locally owned cafe. You would be surprised what you can learn by striking up a conversation.

So grateful to live in this beautiful state, to be able to own a car, have a great position where I travel and meet with interesting people, and check out interesting little local shops. Feeling very blessed.

Love and Light!