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Learning to live in the moment.

Hope you are enjoying your week! A little latte and writing material, all set for a nice break and some memories.


My daughter texted tonight to share with her sister and I that the baby was in bed sleeping at 6:30 and she had her bath all ready. It would be the first since giving birth seven months ago. Just prior to getting settled into the tub she went in to check on him. I would have told her not to go in because he was sleeping. You probably guessed – he woke up.

This reminded me of when my own children were little. A bath was a luxury and a rare occasion back then. On my birthday, the two older kids would watch their little sister while I was treated to alone time in the bathroom with a candle and bubble bath while listening to Enya. Sometimes this luxury would last for ten minutes, other times less than five before the arguing began. I do remember one time it seemed so quiet that I got out to check on them only to find them all cuddled up watching a movie. I dried off and went out to watch with them. The truth was spending time with them was a luxury. Between the three part-time jobs, college, study and feeding them the moments of sitting on the couch, a walk in nature, eating dinner at the table were the best moments. One we sometimes takes those moments for granted while in the midst of trying to survive.

This leads me back to my latte and journal. A bath was a dream, not a reality during those times of single motherhood. Many days I think how nice it would be to return to those missed baths and arguing children but life moves on and children do as well. They have their own lives, just as it should be. Now I have luxurious baths, times to meditate, write, travel, explore new hobbies, nature, and meet new friends. There are adjustment periods – not just one moment – there are many over time.

When the holidays come and you find out everyone has somewhere else to be. Or when you want to get everyone together in one place after not seeing them for a couple of months and there are texts back and forth to make plans, you wonder – doesn’t anyone use the phone any longer. Then there are those times, like the death of my mother’s anniversary, when you wish your own mother was still here so you could stop by for a cup of tea. That is when you miss your own children the most.

For me this is one of the reasons meditation, practicing mindfulness, learning and sharing energy healing has become such an integral part of my life. My mother’s lifestyle is gone to the grave with her. That generation lived a totally different lifestyle than we do today. I wouldn’t be happy sitting home caring for all of my grandchildren every day. We all know that. Seeing them once in a while and talking on FaceTime make the moments we share even more important. When using FaceTime with my grandson in California I pull out toys to show him, sing songs, dance, show him the front porch and all the toys that await his next visit. Sometimes I’ll swing while talking to him and sit near a tree. It keeps his attention, he is two now, and I enjoy entertaining him.

Life is different, society has changed and it will never return to where it once was. Not better or worse – just different. So when we are together I soak them in – cuddle, hug, laugh, and do silly things. If we are together more than a week, I can tell they begin to feel an urge to return home. It isn’t that we don’t love each other, we just live in a different time and space. When they leave I pick up a book, meditate, go for a walk in nature, or create something. It is time to redefine myself once again and truthfully I am loving life. We had a wonderful time together throughout all the ups and downs we loved, laughed and learned about life. I am proud of my children and truthfully, I am proud of myself for raising independent, interesting, loving adults.

So, now I sip my coffee and write in my journal about where I will be next year and what my hopes and goals are for the future.

  • Live mindfully – in the moment
  • Network and manifest new life coaching clients.
  • receive my certificate for Therapeutic Touch (TT).
  • Manifest TT clients
  • Attend a TT retreat and meet develop skills
  • Attend the QSCA Business retreat
  • Success at the gym over the next six months with the guidance of the weekly sessions with a trainer and healthy eating.
  • Another visit to San Diego to attend the Quantum Success Coaching Academy Business retreat.
  • Create a new business plan
  • Create a mindfulness program to share locally
  • Create a few meditations and upload on YouTube
  • Three visits with my daughter and her family
  • Attend my son’s gallery openings
  • Take monthly walks in nature with my youngest daughter and her baby
  • Publish and article or even a book
  • Declutter some more until I feel flow in my home
  • Sell or donate items
  • Volunteer at the hospital two days per week instead of one
  • Take a ten mile hike
  • Take a photography class
  • Take a painting class
  • Create more jewelry
  • Write one hour per day
  • Meet with the trainer once per week at the gym and exercise two times on my own
  • Walk in nature three times per week – recording sounds of nature while in the woods
  • Learn how to cook a new recipe
  • Meet new friends
  • Pay off my car
  • Save $10,000

The list may look overwhelming however it energizes me to think of all the possibilities that can manifest in a month, six months, a year. Hey, one never knows what they are capable of until the take the first step. The first leads to the second and eventually you reach your goals. Remember I was that single mom, first child at 17, who spent ten years in the Army National Guard, raised three children, made minimum wage during most of their childhood, completed college and earned a Master’s Degree, now I earn more in an hour than what I earned in a day back then. I am grateful every day for all of the blessings that have been bestowed upon me in this life. Truthfully, I have no regrets. Life is a learning lesson and I have remained open to whatever lessons came along. There are plenty more ahead and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

If you are interested in setting goals and moving forward in your life, leave a comment below or email me at spiritofdragonflies@gmail.com. We can discuss your goals and my skills to see if we are a match. Remember, it is your story so write your list and take that first step.

Love and Light!



Finding Your Still Point


In flight yet the dragonfly appears to be still as the environment gives one the illusion of motion. We can live choosing thoughts that manifest the life we want to live or that of which we do not. If your life is spinning out of control you have lost your still point. It doesn’t matter if you believe in the Law of Attraction or not, like the Law of Gravity whether we believe or not it’s true. Finding the still point within releases the illusion, allows you to manifest your dreams, and sets you free.

When looking at the photo, I think of how people are constantly in motion without realizing that they are missing this inner peace. Many people are searching through drugs, alcohol, shopping, eating for that something they can’t seem to name. That something is inner peace – your still point.

To live in a state of motion while remaining still within, that is the secret to living on purpose.

  • What if, you were able to learn how to remain still no matter what is happening in the environment.
  • What if, you were able to release the meaningless motion and minutia from your life
    • Does your past story really matter today?
    • Does it matter to the person you are striving to become?
  • What if,  you were able to take a little time out of your day for meditation allowing yourself a gift of inner peace and quiet.

There is a peaceful still point within all of us. If you can find that spot, then like the dragonfly captured in the still point while in flight, you will be able to remain in a peaceful state while life happens.

Practicing stillness allows you to remain peaceful while in traffic jams, during meetings at work, during job interviews, while facing the death of loved ones, throughout the aging process, and eventually while actively dying. When visiting patients in what is called the ‘actively’ dying phase, we have found that bringing a stillness to their body brings them peace. Their anxiety softens the creases and strain on their faces. Their hands lie softly at their sides or in their laps and they sleep more soundly. Recently we have also discovered that Alzheimer patients are responding to Therapeutic Touch (TT) and meditation. Families, nurses and physicians are noticing personality changes in their Alzheimer patients and the patients, themselves, are asking for TT therapy. If meditation and TT can bring this peace to them, just  imagine what it can do for you.

Everyone and everything has a time limit. During the in-between lies a peaceful place within – your still point – which can only be found by slowing down, changing your mindset, releasing past worries, concerns, nostalgia, and finding your inner peace somewhere in-between here and there.

If you are ready to slow down, practice mediation and/or receive TT treatment please contact me for a free 30 minutes consultation. I would love to guide you to that special place within that only you can find with a little guidance. If interested please leave a message below or email me at:


I look forward to hearing from you.

Love and Light!


Be Grateful and Remain Focused on What You Want

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut and can’t think beyond the immediate situation whether that be lack of finances, dislike of our job, house repairs, anger at a spouse or significant other, our children’s poor behavior or a multitude of other daily events. Sometimes these thoughts take over our life and we can’t seem to move forward.

Now think of times in your life that you were so happy and content that you wanted the feeling to last forever. The birth of a new baby, wedding, engagement, while playing with children, a windfall of cash whether it be income tax return – inheritance – bonus, vacation, everything working the way you planned.

We need more of the feelings we receive from the latter when we are happy and content in life. We can have this everyday maybe at different levels but it is always there and available to us no matter what is occurring outside of us. Even if we are ill, know someone who is ill, have lost a loved one, or had any other life events that cause a trauma, sadness or leave us at a loss for what to do.

You may be saying this isn’t possible. How can you remain happy and content in life if you just found out you have cancer or a loved one has a terminal disease? Or you may wonder how anyone can be happy if they become unemployed, can’t pay the bills, foreclose on their house.

There are people who do remain in a place of contentment and find something to be grateful for no matter what the circumstance. You have heard the expression if one door closes another opens. Look at people you may know who have lost jobs they despised. Even though they despised the job and complained about it daily, the loss of that position made them face a closing door. What if they had been grateful to have a job, to receive a paycheck, to enjoy getting up and going to work with their coworkers. When they no longer had this position they became grateful for the job and angry that it was no longer available. Now they had to face the new world of job searching, maybe learning new skills, reevaluating what was important in a job and heading in a different direction. They may have decided to start their own business in a field they love. As they move forward in this new position they become grateful that they were laid off or fired because it put them on a trajectory to where they wanted to be. It may have been the push they needed to move them in the direction of their dreams.

For someone who is ill, maybe they were living a life filled with stress or displeasure, not properly caring for their body. This is not for all people who become ill but if you look around there are many that are ill as a result of their eating poor diets, smoking, consuming too much alcohol or drugs, taking too many prescription drugs, lack of exercise, constant stressing over what might be. Sometimes an illness can be the wake up call – your body letting you know what you are doing isn’t working. Many times after a stressful situation that continues in the person’s mind well over the time of the event they may become ill. There are people who once they find out they are ill change their diet and begin a healthier lifestyle. Maybe they quit smoking after a heart attack and begin to eat natural food, adding more fruits and vegetables into their meal. They begin walking daily or join a gym, participate in a 3 or 5K event. They realize they are grateful for the illness that change their lives.

My question is why not just be grateful everyday for what we do have. Today I am grateful that I have a job that provides a decent salary with benefits, a rental home that keeps me safe and warm, food to eat, a car to drive, an Apple computer and iPhone. I didn’t always have these luxuries. When my children were small we didn’t have a car so I walked them to the babysitter and then walked the mile to work. We didn’t have a telephone (a time before cell phones) or a television. We spent our time together dancing to records on the turntable (we didn’t have CDs then). The kids played outside with the neighborhood children and they all came to my house to play and have snacks. They built an airplane from the toy box and wood in the back of the apartment and we played hide-n-seek in our house. We didn’t have very much but I was grateful everyday that I had my children and a job to pay the bills always knowing that their was more. Knowing that we would have more one day. I didn’t sit and feel bad, I searched for ways out of the situation. This is when I decided to find a way to attend college. Taking one course at a time, in the evening, over an eight year period I finally received an Associates in Science degree. My position in the factory changed from dish machine operator to Customer Service Representative to Office Manager, handling shipping and production, and eventually over the nine years I accepted an outside sales representative position. There were times of stress, three-month unemployment, little food to feed the children but we survived and looking back I feel this was due to feeling gratitude everyday the day – not every moment of the day – but throughout the day. In the midst of financial difficulty we could still dance, play, and focus on a better life in the future. I was grateful I had a job, that we had a place to live, and lived in an area where neighbors helped neighbors. It wasn’t the best location but it was safe and there were plenty of children on our street. I never doubted that the situation was temporary.

The day I received my Bachelor Degree from a private college I thought this was it. I was grateful to have received my Associates Degree so the BA was a bonus and the result of meeting the right people who guided me along the way. When I walked the stage at SUNY Albany to receive my Master’s Degree, I once again stood in awe because I knew anything was possible. Being open to receiving and meeting people along the way opened doors for me. There were many people along my path that provided insight, direction guidance and love. Not all of the advice and direction was welcomed at the time presented but they all provided direction needed at the time and I am forever grateful.

Live in the space in between – a grateful space between where you are and where you want to be. That space where people and events occur that clear the path to your future. Learn to be grateful in that space. Last year I walked the stage at UCLA to receive my Creative Writing diploma and tears filled my eyes because when I was that young mother walking to the factory job I had dreamed of the day I would graduate from UCLA. Dreams come true and once one is fulfilled have another waiting or in process.

Never give up, always continue to move forward one step at a time. Your dream today can become your reality tomorrow if you can just be grateful for where you are today knowing you are steps away from where you want to be. Smile once in a while and be friendly to all. You never know when the person you are speaking with in a coffee shop or while standing in line at the grocery may be a person to open a door and take you one step closer to your goal or you may be that person for them.

If you are interested in learning more about taking steps to reach your goals, please fill out the contact form below for a free one hour coaching session. I would love to hear from you and guide you on your path.

Live large, be grateful, and love life!!

Love and Light,


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Snowy Day Decluttering

What to do on a snowy windy day? Or rainy day? Well if you read any FaceBook posts it would seem to complain is the thing to do. Let’s not indulge those whose only means of entertainment and activity is to complain because it is too cold to drive to the mall. Let’s move our own lives in a different direction. One of hope, love, laughter, and enjoyment no matter what is occurring in our environment. This includes all the ebbs and flows in life.

Last night I began the act of cleaning and decluttering. If you read earlier posts you know that I did this in the summer and most people visiting would think I really don’t have too much clutter. Compared with some family members, I don’t have any clutter. However, yesterday after my iMovie class at Apple and speaking to the supervisor about a part-time position, I began to think about how to reduce time spent cleaning my home so I could be free to work my full-time position and a part-time position while writing my book, coaching, and motivating others. All of which are a priority in my life. Working at Apple would be an excellent opportunity to learn and enhance my computer skills – cleaning and holding onto items that are no longer useful in my new life are not. So releasing once again was a necessity.

I have hundreds of books sorted throughout the house by category. Women Studies are in the antique barrister bookcase in the living room. All books on neurology and brain – behavior are located on a shelf near the couch in the living room along with teaming and business books. Feng Shui, create books, and novels are on the bookshelf in the dining room. The dining room is also home to a small shelf of children’s books. On the small shelf in the hallway is a small collection of motivational books such as Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. This is strategically located so anyone heading to the bedrooms can grab something that might motivate them. In my office I have a very large shelf that is home to Memoirs, Law of Attraction, Writing, and Spiritual books along with some favorite items like my drum, family photos, and office supply crate. There is also an antique barrister bookshelf that has been home to all of my older philosophical books to include Ayn Rand, Lin Yutang, Jung and others. There is also one bookshelf that belonged to my mother which is home to my journals from over the last two decades. Some of those journals may start in January 1 of one year then in the center may begin with August three years later. There is no rhyme or reason. These I continue to hold on to for my writing material.

This brings me to decluttering. I have a few books on decluttering. Prior to beginning the process I sat with the newest in my collection and discovered a new thought on decluttering. In the past I have read books on decluttering by removing one item a day or donating an item if a new one is purchased. The latter is the way I try to keep a handle on my material possessions. I don’t know about you but it can be difficult to let go of some sentimental items even when they have long worn out their welcome. They sit looking at us day after day and we wonder why we keep them. Then we put it off for another day. Eventually they build up over time – people die and we take something that belonged to them, we can’t allow anything that belonged to our mother, father, aunt, uncle, friend to be passed to a stranger. Or remnants of a former relationship remain in a drawer, box in the attic, in the jewelry box. You know what you have hidden. Here are some of the books I have on decluttering.

Each one spoke to me when I purchased and read them. The book on De-Clutter, De-Stress Your Life was actually from a class I went to on releasing stress from your life. It was a very helpful class. The more stuff we have the more we have to care for – to dust – to find a place for – more upkeep – less time for doing what we want to do. We use our stuff as an excuse not to accomplish our goals. If we have to clean then we can’t write that novel or paint that picture or take that hike. If we don’t clean out that cabinet of food that is not healthy the better chance we will reach in and grab something unhealthy on those stressful days. The less we own the freer we are – that is a reality.

The newest book, the life-changing magic of tidying up – the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing by Marie Kondo, shares in the value of making one clean swoop and removing it all – removing it from your home immediately. The benefit is a renewed life. A fresh start. A release from what is holding you back.

So I will share what she feels about decluttering books. She said take them all off the shelf – ALL of them. This is a difficult task. As I shared there are all categorized by topic and author. Taking all the books off the shelf and placing them together on the floor. They are no longer lying dormant on the shelf. Then pick up each book and ask yourself “Does this spark joy?”

If too many like myself – she says to divide them by category. General (books you read for pleasure) – Practical (references, cookbooks), Visual (photograph collections), Magazines. Oh did I mention I have a collection of Victoria magazines from the 1990s – 2000 when they went out of business. Ms Kondo shares that you are not to start reading the book – this is what I end up doing. You can only touch it and ask yourself if you need it or not. We have to stop and think about the purpose the books serve. Now mind you, I felt very good about releasing the 60+ books sitting in a pile on the dining room floor. Today, on this cold February day, I shall go back through the books and whereto autographed or not only keep those that inspire me. There is always the library which can house the books and I can go there and borrow them when needed. After all my niece is a librarian and capable of finding books I am interested in reading.

Well I have to go now to place the remaining couple of hundred books on the floor to see which will remain in my hall of fame book collection. It is at once frightening and invigorating – almost freeing.

I’ll let you know how I it turns out. After the books, it will be time to tackle the papers sitting in the files from my writing classes and internships/fellowships from a decade ago.

What do you do when you are inside on those rainy, snowy, windy days?

Hope this helped. Decluttering results in releasing material belongings and freeing you which can reduce stress and improve health. Give it a try!!

Love and Light,


Enjoying Snow!

What snow means to me:


Since I was a child, snow meant being outside until dark. When my two older sisters were babysitting I would build an igloo after school and hide in it until my mother returned from work. They would call out the door and never noticed that I was hiding right in front of them because the opening was facing the road. We would go sleigh riding down the small hill in our yard until our hands felt like they would fall off.

When my son was born I was 17. The first time it snowed he was around 3 months old. I bundled him up and took him out on the baby sleigh, it was 10 pm. My daughter was next. When she was around seven months I would place her in the carriage on the porch to get some fresh air as my mother had with my sisters and I. When my youngest daughter was born, ten years after my son, I had just started cross-country skiing. At the age of 3 months, I bundled her up and placed her in the baby sled. We attached a rope to the sled and my son, daughter and I headed out on our cross-country skis. We hadn’t gone far when another skier heading out of the park stopped and asked if I saw my baby. We turned and there she was lying sideways with snow on her little face. No damage done. We wiped her off, fixed the rope and off we went. This was years prior to my child welfare career.

Apparently there was no permanent damage to any of them because as you can see from the photos above they are all quite healthy and still loving the snow. Even my granddaughter enjoys spending time sleigh riding with us. Her first experience was at the ripe old age of 3 months as well. My older daughter would fly in from southern California just to go sleigh riding with us before she was married with a baby. Being out in the snow is invigorating, refreshing, and energizes the spirit.

Today I prefer snow shoes to cross-country skis. This is due to the snow shoes still being a novelty. Last year when my daughter and her husband were visiting from California with their three months old son we had a snow storm. My son-in-law, who did not grow up with snow, went to LL Bean and purchased a beautiful baby sled. We bundled up my grandson and took him for his first adventure in the snow. He slept the entire time. This year at 13 months, they brought him to Colorado where he enjoyed his first ride on a plastic sled down a small hill. His little face beamed all the way down.

All I can say is if you live where there is snow in the winter you may as well learn to appreciate it. Find an outdoor activity and live life to its fullest. If you don’t live where there is snow, please visit a location that experiences this beautiful white powdery mix to enjoy the pleasure. To all those communities that are thinking of making sleigh riding illegal, I say “Are you kidding me??” Let people take responsibility for themselves. You cannot legislate common sense – this is something people must learn. Do not let children sleigh ride near roads or trees. When you are recording someone sleighing down hill, don’t stand in front of their path.

To all those sleigh riders who are new to the sport there is a certain way to maintain the path. Walk to the left or right of the sled pathway. This allows for the path to form and make the ride smooth. When you walk in the pathway your boots leave gullies and break up the path. Also, by walking to the side you do not disrupt the flow. Follow the lead of those who are experienced and they will show you a great time. If you are near us, we will even share our sleds because that is what sleigh riding is all about, sharing and having fun!!

May you all learn to have fun, experience new things, and see the world through the eyes of a child – not so you are childish but so that you can remain open to the world around you and see with fresh eyes everyday.

Love and Light!


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Ebbs and Flows

For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ebbs and Flows

Ebbs and Flows

We all have ebbs and flows in our life. It is being okay with both that gets us through the difficult times. When looking back on my life it seems it was during the ebbs that I grew and prepared myself for the flow. We all love flow but if that is all we had would we ever grow? At least, I don’t think we would. Wherever you are right now is where you need to be. It doesn’t mean you should remain there it just means you are fine. If it isn’t where you would like to be then what steps can you take to change the situation.

If you don’t like your job could you send out your resume and network to find a new one or could you take some classes to build your skill level? If you are in a relationship that doesn’t seem to be growing is there something you could do to build the relationship such as leave notes on the pillow, bring flowers, take walks or change it up a little to make it more interesting? If the relationship is poor and isn’t ever going to progress is it time to say goodbye? Are your children getting ready to leave the nest and you don’t know what life will be like without children? What about taking a class at the local community college or taking a jewelry, ceramic or dance class? I sold my house in upstate NY and relocated to southern California. Maybe its time to remember what life was like before children and start to think about who you can remake yourself once freed from the demands of parenting on a daily basis. What were your dreams before children?

So let’s take the quote and look at the paragraph above.

If you leave a job you gain a new position and new skill set. Maybe you leave behind coworkers that you have a relationship with but you gain new coworkers to develop new relationships with and can continue the relationship with those at the former position thus adding to your network. If you restart a romantic relationship with your partner you may leave behind the comfort of the old habits but you will gain a new fresh relationship. If you leave the relationship you will leave behind a comfort zone but open up a new world of adventure and possibly a healthier relationship in the future. If your children leave home you are losing their daily presence and your normal routine while gaining a little freedom to explore and learn more about the person you have become. You can redefine yourself. All change causes us to leave a comfort zone, even if that comfort zone wasn’t very healthy. It was known and you have to venture into the unknown. Just remember that where you are now was unknown at one time. When you first took your job you were unsure, when you first start a relationship you were unsure and when you first become a parent you were very unsure of what life will be like. So enjoy the ebbs and flows of your life.

If you need someone to support you through the ebbs or flows please reach out to me or someone you feel comfortable with. You don’t have to go it alone.

Love and Light,

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Letting Go of Labels

This is not going to be my normal post but sitting silent is not an option today.

It seems the media focuses on what is not working in our country and the world. They lump people together by their gender, race, ethnicity, history, community and on and on. People are people.

We all have a heart to feel with and mind to think with. We all share the air we breath – we can’t live without it. We all share the earth’s water – we can’t live without it. We all share the land – we can’t live without it. We all share the trees – they provide life as well. We all have blood flowing through our veins, skin covering our organs and protecting them from the elements. We are all blessed with the same ability to reach higher vibrations if we focus on what we want instead of letting labels get in the way. I read this quote this morning and felt it appropriate for the day.

“Taking the line of least resistance, we lump the most different people together under the same heading. Taking the line of least resistance, we ascribe to them collective crimes, collective acts and opinions. “The Serbs have massacred…”, “The English have devastated…”, “The Jews have confiscated…”, “The Blacks have torched”, “The Arabs refuse…”. We blithely express sweeping judgments on whole peoples, calling them “hardworking” and “ingenious”, or “lazy”, “touchy”, “sly”, “proud”, or “obstinate”. And sometimes this ends in bloodshed.” 

– Amin Maalouf “On Identity”

Today, stop and take some time to think about your thoughts on different people based on the color of their skin, their income, the type of home they live in, where they are originally from (south, north, east, west, another country . . .). Today, stop and take some time to think about the whole person not their label white, black, police, CEO, politician, socialist, Christian, Muslim, Jew, employed, unemployed, or any other label that has been placed upon them. Today, think about your thoughts on the elderly, children, youth, middle age, young adult and ponder for a moment about the thoughts that come to you while thinking of all these labels.

We all have prejudices – it is a part of us but where did it come from? Our parents, grandparents, community, media, school system, coworkers, history books. It wasn’t until I went to college that my eyes opened wide at learning of the lies told in the history books during my elementary and high school days. Dig deep within you and find that place of prejudice and question all of those beliefs. Take some time each day to dig a little deeper within. You will be amazed at how you will change the way you look at the world. Ignore the media or if you must read what they are feeding you try several so you can have a wide view and make your own decision on what you feel is the truth.

Our beautiful planet covered in light!

Our beautiful planet covered in light!

This is a beautiful world and we all have been blessed with the gift of love if we choose. What can you do today to show love for everyone sharing this small planet with you? I am bringing in the energy of light into my body and spreading it out to the world. If we could all do the same for a few minutes everyday just imagine the love we would see in the world around us.

Love and Light!


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Letting Go

Let go and release the past to where it belongs - behind you.

Let go and release the past to where it belongs – behind you.

What are you holding on to that is holding you back?

Today I had to face my past and it wasn’t too pretty. Sometimes we find the past sneaking up on us at inopportune moments in life and we can either become angry and fester, or face it head on and release. It is not always easy but when you can feel the past take hold of you just feel it, acknowledge its presence, sit with it for a short time, then realize it is from the past and is no longer a part of who you are today. Then thank it for allowing you to sit with it and let it go.

It is not always easy and sometimes we aren’t really sure where the feelings come from but if these feelings sneak up on you at a time when they are unexpected or uncalled for, take a minute to discover this part of you. It is not always a bad thing when they appear. It might be the perfect time for them to show their ugly head. Today may be the day you are strong enough and ready to confront those past memories and feelings, to acknowledge and understand why they are revisiting you, and to decide if they may be telling you something about yourself. This is part of the self-assessment and growth period.

I sat with my feelings for a little while tonight. Allowed myself to wallow a bit. Played a couple of games of Jewel Legends while allowing my feelings to sit with me. Then I was ready to release the thoughts and feelings that are no longer a part of who I am today. This allowed me to look at my growth and transitions over the years. One thing that I took away from today was how strong I have become over the years, and, I am happy to share that I am much stronger, self-sufficient, and able to care for myself.

It was a very good day of growth and gratitude!!

Love and Light!


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Living the Consequences of Our Choices

Quote by Caroline Myss

Quote by Caroline Myss

Is there someone in your life that you are blaming for your current or past situations?

Sometimes it seems easier to blame another for our life circumstances than to self-assess and discover the role you played.

Ultimately, we are the only one who makes choices about our life. Not making a choice to go in this direction or that direction is actually making a choice. It’s a choice to place our life in someone else’s hands. I have been guilty of this myself.

Looking back at your life with open eyes as if watching it play on a movie screen, without judgment, allows you to return to a time period in your life that had an impact on where you are today. Just view the events, paying attention to how you could have made a different choice or if the choice you made was the best at the time. Take into consideration the time period, ages of people involved, culture they were born into, societal standards of the time, possible choices that could have been made, and your part in the choices made. Once you have taken everything into consideration stop and release the burden of blame on the other person(s) involved and send them heart-felt love. Only do this when you can truly say that you can release them now. Love yourself for choices made and send love to your own heart. Learn from past and move forward.

Live a mindful, loving life by being an active player in your own life. Take charge of choices that affect you and your future.  Remember not verbalizing a choice, is a choice. It is a passive choice to follow along,  giving your power to another. There are times when this might be necessary however emotional choices that impact your life should be made by you. We shouldn’t give our personal power to someone else and then blame them later. Pay attention to your smaller choices so you can be prepared to voice your preferences in the larger decisions. It is your life – take charge and manifest the life of your dreams.

Love and Light,