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Creating Wind Chimes

Have you ever discovered something that you love creating and never knew?

A year ago my granddaughter and I took a class creating a wind chime. The next week I picked up beads, fishing line, and went out in the back to find a piece of wood. The creative bug took over.

Now I facilitate my own classes – wind chimes, diffuser bracelets, and essential oil roller balls. The bracelets and essential oil roller balls are fairly quick and easy to create. When creating essential oils the longest part of the process is finding blends that provide an uplifting vibration. I love learning of the blends, adding tiny dried flowers, frankincense, myrrh, and small gems. When creating bracelets generally I will lay out the beads, walk away for a while and then return and pull the bracelet together. Wind chimes take much more time and they are the best way to slow down, breathe, and create mindfully.

When creating the wind chimes I may spend time in nature searching for some small branches. Once found I bring them to the basement to dry. They may sit there for a week, month or several months. Sometimes others will find them and bring them to me. last year my son and his wife traveled to Nova Scotia and returned with some finds for me. There has been a box in the basement awaiting my creativity. Recently I pulled out a couple of the pieces and brought them upstairs for some inspiration.

I pulled out the white cloth and began bringing out beads. Last year I created one with a theme of pink and crystals, then one with red and crystals. One hangs in the dining room and the other in the bedroom. In the morning I love waking to the rainbows decorating the walls and ceiling. When I return home the dining room floor and ceiling is decorated in rainbows. I find it quite magical.

This week I have been staying up at night laying out beads and creating two more wind chimes. I find it very relaxing and this experience helps you develop patience.

How you may be wondering?

Well each bead is placed on the fishing line, the line must be tied and a seed bead placed on the knot. This prevents beads with larger holes to slip through. Sometimes when tying the knot it is too far apart and the knot has to be untied and redone. Sometimes you are finishing the last line and while tying it to the top you cut the wrong piece of line. Time to redo the hole line of beads. Although I haven’t stopped to measure for exactness, the last try was pretty close to being even. Who wants perfection  – not me. The imperfection is quite beautiful.

This is what makes it difficult sometimes when facilitating a class. Many participating in the class want perfection. As they begin preparing their design everything must match. Not the case for my granddaughter, she chose different beads, some not matching, and her wind chime came out perfect. We had fun while learning. There were times when we had to redo the whole thing over but each left that first workshop with a completed project.

When facilitating I let the participants begin by picking out their beads knowing they would be back up to the beads to chose others. They forget the seed beads and sometimes try to forego the tiny beads until they begin and the larger beads slip over the knot. Then it is time to choose seed beads. Then the process starts all over again. I love witnessing their experience. They rearrange several times, become frustrated at this new experience. Happens every time. The chatting slows down and quiet sets in as each begins to focus, touching the beads, tying knots, as their brain shifts into mindfulness. Frustration transitions to a sense of calm and peace. The energy in the room shifts and it seems as if all the strangers have become friends sharing a caring, creative energy. It is a wonderful feeling, uplifting everyone at the same time. All tension brought into the workshop at the beginning is released.

When creating at my dining table I sit quietly, no music or television, just the quiet of the house. Sometimes I’ll change out the beads until it feels right. I’ve already drilled the holes – two extra for the line to hold the wind chime. Maybe five rows of beads, maybe four, it depends on the piece of wood chosen. When working on this after work I may stay there until midnight – time passes and I’m not aware.

Do you have a craft that you love so much all senses of time disappears while you are enjoying the moment? How often to you take the time to enjoy this experience.

Even if you take ten minutes a day for yourself, add something that you love into your day. You deserve at least ten minutes a day to create something – singing, playing an instrument, drawing, writing, woodworking . . . Try turning off the television and enjoy your own life – not someone else’s life .

Light and Love



WPC – ‘Creative’ State of Mind


“Mindful and creative, a child who has neither past,                                                                                          nor examples to follow, nor value judgments,                                                                                                     simply lives, speaks and plays in freedom.”                                                                                                      ~ Arnaud Desjardins ~

Adults would benefit from remembering how to play like a child – releasing constant thoughts of what needs to be done – bills to be paid, aches and pains, offending comments someone made, what to make for dinner, dishes in the sink or whatever other thoughts might be taking up space in your mind. If it isn’t something that can be taken care of in this minute, why bother to worry about it. When the time comes to focus on that you will but no need to dwell on it all the time.

On February 14th I shared a blog about creating jewelry as I transitioned into a creative state of mind. My main focus for that necklace was a feather and wing, from there I chose which beads to pull together for the necklace. This necklace is called Angel Feathers.


This week I have been suffering from a cold and sleeping quite a bit after work. Saturday I slept until noon and lounged around with the windows open to allow some fresh air to clean out the germs. It was a beautiful day and around 5 pm I finally decided to get out for a walk and change of scenery. When I put my hand in the pocket of my coat I discovered the moon charm the owner of the bead shop had gifted me. During my walk thoughts of the charm made me think of creating another necklace. The beads and charms had been waiting in the creativity tray on the living room. Left purposefully where I would see them daily to allow time for my mind to open to new ideas.

IMG_6107 (1)

Tonight I fell right into the creative state of mind, removing beads from their strings, sorting them into small piles. Then without thought I picked up the wire and started stringing beads – the moon directing my creative flow. During the sorting I noticed two little turtles and Turtle Moon was created.


The best part of being in a creative state of mind is you lose sense of time, space reality. I love that I can make something one day, unstring and redo the next. While creating the Angel Feathers necklace the beads slid off a few times which ended up being a blessing because as they slid off I adjusted beads and was very happy with the results. If they hadn’t slid off it would have been a completely different necklace. Tonight no redos. Just lost myself in a creative state of mind. Another benefit of creating your own jewelry is you can wear it for a while, take it apart, mix and match with other pieces to create a completely new design.

Being in that state of creative mindfulness brings you to a place of peace allowing you to become one with the creative process. It is a place I love to visit whether in creating or during meditation. Both bring me to the same place in my mind and connect me to the creativity that is within, opening up a world of peace, calm, and enjoyment.

Do you find yourself getting lost in the creative process? Does the environment around you disappear? Does time stop? That is called mindfulness – you are lost in a creative place within your mind. This is a place we should learn how to experience at least weekly however daily would allow for optimum benefits to your health, emotions, and spirit.

Have you created anything this weekend? If so, please share a photo.

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Light and Love!