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Finding Peace During Stressful Times

My daughter was staying in Ohio with her family when their 12 day old daughter, Lainey,  was taken to the emergency room. She had stopped breathing while my daughter was purchasing diapers. Miraculously when my daughter asked for help, a woman standing behind her in line was a pediatric nurse and someone else immediately called 911. As they were raced to the emergency room in the ambulance, their rental left in the parking lot at the store, her husband and 4-year-old son were in the hotel unaware of what was happening.

I was home two states away with life moving forward as normal and no way to be of support to any of them. Work still called me away during the day and the miles between kept me from jumping in my car – even though it was offered. My daughter thought they would release Lainey the next day, then the next, then the next.

On Friday, day 4 of her hospital stay, I was ready to fly out and rent a vehicle to drive back with my grandson. At lunchtime, my coworker suggested we take a quick walk – even though it was one of those hot muggy September days. Once out, we decided to go a little further so we started over the bridge toward the Amtrak station. On the way a large dragonfly flew around our heads. My coworker laughed and called me the dragonfly queen. The dragonfly flew down and bumped the top of my arm. Then she hovered in front of me so I laid out my arm.

She landed gently and sat on my arm for the longest time. My coworker said, “You do attract dragonflies.” I laughed because this is the truth and has been for a very long time. Yet, this was the first time I have actually witnessed a green dragonfly, and a first for one to bump me as if wanting to share a message.


We made eye contact and I said, “What are you telling me? Is Lainey going to be fine? Will they be traveling to stay with me soon?”

She remained on my arm longer without movement. We were conversing without words and I began to feel very confident that all was well with baby Lainey and they would be heading my way soon. I relaxed and felt very comfortable with all of my focus on the dragonfly. It was as if she understood I had received the message because she began to move a little on my arm and then flew off to her next adventure. We stood and watched as she made her way gracefully through the hot and humid air.

Before we turned to walk away I noticed she was returning. My coworker and I stood at the cement rail watching and waiting in silence.

Then Ms Dragonfly stopped by to share one more goodbye.  My coworker and I felt uplifted and knew deep in our hearts that Lainey was going to be fine.

(Look closely – it wasn’t until after I uploaded the photo that I noticed she had something in her mouth. Maybe a fly or some other insect she caught for lunch.)

On the way back to the office I texted the photos above to my daughter. She responded with a smiley face and shared Lainey was being released. They would spend one more night in the hotel and head my way the next day.

Sometimes we need to get out of our heads and allow nature to speak to us. There are always signs if we just slow down and pay attention. Whatever your beliefs, I think miracles happen everyday and we receive messages from many sources when we quiet our minds.

If you can learn to find your still point in the midst of chaos you will begin to discover the path to a joyful, peaceful life. There will always be bumps in the road, it is how you decide to travel the road that will make all the difference. It took me over thirty minutes to capture this dragonfly in flight a few years back but this photo always reminds me that we can find stillness in chaos. Even though the dragonfly is in flight it appears that the world is in movement and she is still. That is how I want to learn to live my life. Finding a still point within no matter what is happening around me. To be the peace I want to see in my life and share it with others.


Have you ever been in a low vibration and felt uplifts by an insect, animal,  or something in nature? Do you notice miracles throughout the day?If so, please share your experience. Just think of all the factors that must come together for you to be born – to breath, digest, see, smell – for you to be the person you are, living the life that you live. That is a miracle.

Love and Light!

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Miracles Happen Everyday

So True

So True

Today, while you are out and about, look for the miracles that appear before you. They are there. We just have to be open to seeing them on a daily basis so we will begin to notice that we are surrounded by them everyday.

I haven’t left home yet today but while looking through some pictures from holiday pasts I realized how blessed my sisters and I were to be raised by parents that never lost the sense of childhood wonder. We always had what we needed. The holidays were always filled with games, laughter, ice skating rink, new pajamas, tinsel on the tree, and dolls for five girls under the tree. My parents dressed up on Halloween and my Mom counted all the children visiting out house. We generally had between 100 and 125 yearly. All children and their parents were invited inside the home and the guessing game of who they were or who they were related to ensued. This continued until my mother’s final year at the age of 91. She sat with pen and paper counting them as they walked through the door. On New Years Eve my father would dress as the old year ending and walk into the living room carrying the youngest child in the family as the new year coming in. He would count his change as the ball in Times Square fell. Sadly his life ended at the age of 61 but his traditions continue with the grandchildren.

A recent miracle. I misplaced my address book and looked around for an hour last night. Once I released the address book from my thoughts I relaxed while reading a book.  That’s when it came to me. While reading I visualized myself in my office picking up some items from a pile and placing them in a basket. That is when I realized it was in my attic. When I went up to check, sure enough the book plus some other items were waiting for me. Then I sat down to write out my Christmas cards. Now I can get them in the mail today.

Wishing you the beauty of a miraculous day and life. I would love to hear what you discover so if you have time please share.

Love and Light!