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Be Like A Tree – Overcoming Obstacles

For a tree to become tall it must grow tough roots among the rocks. 

~ Friedrich Nietzsche ~

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Trees always amaze me. They can grow under any environmental conditions, overcome obstacles and find a way to survive.

When we look at trees we don’t criticize, condemn or complain about their shapes, the gnarly roots, the way roots grow over and around rocks or cling to the sides of mountains finding their way to support themselves. We don’t focus on their imperfections – we are generally impressed with the way they have overcome. We are in awe of their brilliance (many people I know feel this way).  Then why is it we don’t look a little closer at the people around us. We all have a story hidden within us. Sometimes that story is told to others through our face, body, health, financial situation . . . without any words. Just as the tree tells a story in its physical appearance.

“Rocks in my path? I keep them all, with them I shall build my own castle.” Neo Nox

We all have over come obstacles along our path in life, some easier than others, and yet in order to live we must all find a way. People live all over the world under some very harsh conditions and survive. We all are born under various circumstances – wealthy parents, poor parents, educated, no formal education, live in small mansions, inner city slumlord homes, rural trailers, homeless, raised by teen parents, adopted, fostered, wealthy neighborhoods, dangerous neighborhoods, healthy food choices, poor for choices, loved, neglected, abused . . . Yet most survive and continue to pursue a better way.

No matter your circumstances you have choices – especially those living in countries with public school, public services, public organizations, and people willing to listen and help. You have a choice to reach out and ask for help. Reach out and provide help – make another persons day a little brighter, allow another person to feel supported – be the rock.

This is why I love Life Coaching. Anyone can change their life and situation. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but with commitment and dedication we all can change our circumstances one step at a time, one day at a time. Just like these beautiful trees, we too can learn to survive and thrive using what we know, the resources available, and the support of those around us.

One person’s success may not look like success to another yet it doesn’t mean you aren’t successful. Success can only to be determined by your own personal opinion of what success means to you.

If you look at where you were last year, five years ago, ten years ago; or look at where your parents or grandparents were at your age you may just see success differently. Don’t look at what the media tells you is success through television programs, advertisements, or movies – that is not your reality. Base your success on how happy, joyful and content you are in the present moment. That is the true indicator.

Youth of a couple of decades ago would base their value on the popular kids in school. What made them popular? Those kids in school who allowed themselves to see other kids as ‘popular’ made them so. They wouldn’t have been popular if the other kids didn’t envy them. Today, with internet, cable television, reality TV shows, and such our youth are comparing themselves to a wider web. How can anyone compete with ‘reality’ television or the media telling them what is important? It is a lose, lose situation if one falls into this fake reality. Be the tree and stand strong, don’t let others determine your worth. Be unique and allow your imperfections to show without shame.

I see young families purchase a home and within a year they are disappointed in their purchase because someone they know has a larger home, bigger kitchen, pool, better neighborhood. There is no way to stay in this competitive lifestyle without losing your true spirit and life purpose. Getting back to nature and living a simple lifestyle brings more happiness, contentment, joy, and friendship. If you are always racing for what others have you will lose any sense in what you truly want for your own life. Who exactly are you competing with? As each tree is unique, we are too. There is no need to look like everyone else.

We are only competing with the person we were yesterday. That is the truth. Are you a better person today than you were yesterday? Are you a better neighbor? Friend? Are you a more loving and compassionate parent, sibling, child than you were yesterday? Are you kinder to yourself today than you were yesterday, last year, ten years ago?

That is the true indicator of your success. You have to live with yourself for your entire life – not with those on television, in advertisements, or anyone else. If you are not happy with yourself, you will never be happy with a different car, home, neighborhood, vacation, spouse . . .  Only measure your life by how you feel deep within. If you can peacefully sleep at night feeling secure that you did the best you could that day, that is a good indicator of your success.

Start today, be like the tree overcoming all obstacles to stand tall and be the best, healthiest tree you can be not worrying being held back because a rock is in the way. Go around, over, or under the obstacles and become a shining star, standing tall and be proud of yourself. Only you have to live with your inner thoughts – living in happiness, joy and contentment is a great success in life. All the money, cars, homes, vacations in the world will give you a fleeting feeling of happiness and success until you see someone else have newer, bigger, better. Learning to love your life – where you are at this moment striving to reach a state of happiness and contentment is the highest reward in life.

If you are interested in learning how you can overcome obstacles in your life, please email me or leave a message below.

Love and Light!


WPC: Quest – Search for Meaning

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge. For this week’s challenge, show us what quest means to you.

“Rarely do we find men who willingly engage in hard, solid thinking. There is an almost universal quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions. Nothing pains some people more than having to think.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. ~


Which path to take?

Many times people follow along the path of their family, friends, community without questioning why or if what they believe is the truth for them. Never questioning the prejudices, beliefs, faith of those around them even when inside they know it doesn’t feel right. I think I’ve always been in search of the truth for me – always knowing there was something waiting for me.

Questioning others to see why they believe a certain way can cause friction and discontent if they don’t really know. We are set on a path in our early years and it can be uncomfortable to question, think and shift. Some of my best teachers have been those who stopped and questioned me, causing me to rethink why I held myself back. A special thank you John Gargiulo. John questioned me about what was holding me back, why I didn’t speak up and pursue my dreams. He sent me to several classes, held back a promotion – at times I resented him. John’s comments and actions would sometimes bring up anger within me but thankfully along I realized he was my teacher, the one who helped me grow and overcome some of my fears. He motivated me to continue my quest for knowledge. Forever grateful – may he rest in peace.

Another teacher in my quest, Wayne Morris, guided me through the end of my turbulent twenties and inspired me. He shared how his twenties were turbulent, thirties were better but his forties were the best. This gave me hope for my own future. It turns out he was right. During my thirties I graduated from college, joined the National Guard, and started a new career all while enjoying raising my three children. In my forties I purchased a home, sold the home, moved to California and then relocated back to New York, tried different careers while always moving forward. My children grew up and went out on their own during this same time period. My fifties have brought even more joy and adventures that I could have imagined. When you are open to learning and growing a world of possibilities opens before you.


“I feel the older I get, the more I’m learning to handle life. Being on this quest for a long time, it’s all about finding yourself.” ~ Ringo Starr ~

I could not have said this better than Ringo. Every morning when we wake, we have a decision to make. Will this day be a good day or bad. In the past there were times in my life when all I could see were bad days. Through practice and a shift in thought, I have learned that I can set the stage. Beauty and life are all around us. We can choose to see this beauty or to ignore it. Thoughts are things – this is true. Whether I think life is great or I think it is cursed – I am right. What I think I attract, it has been a learning lesson.


In my quest to change my mindset I have discovered shadows forming patterns on the wall are a present every morning. Finding the beauty in the light and shadows can appear like artwork. There for only a few minutes – every changing and then gone until the next day. A little like life. Hard times come and go. They remind us to enjoy the happy times and to focus more on those times so we can attract them into our lives.

Age does not stop one from thinking or questioning their truth. For some, the quest for their truth only increases with time. When one is no longer pursuing their dreams, what gives them their life energy?

Speaking with a man who found out he had stage four cancer was an eye-opening experience. He had no idea how ill he was three weeks ago. He wasn’t feeling well for a couple of days. A friend from another state was stopping by on his way through town and encouraged this man to go to the ER. That is where it was discovered he had stage four lung cancer.

“The eternal quest of the individual human being is to shatter his loneliness.”                                         ~ Norman Cousins ~

Norman Cousins was able to overcome stage four cancer and his doctor’s recommendation to go home and prepare for death. Loneliness is a state of mind and there is nothing external that can diminish that feeling. Some people feel lonely in a crowd of friends and family. Others feel at peace when alone. Loneliness is just a state of mind and can be healed with inner work.

If you are feeling lonely, get out in nature and discover the miracles of nature. Surround yourself with the beauty around you. Become creative – dance, sing, paint, draw, create jewelry, use nature as your inspiration. Nature provides a place to connect with Earth’s energy to revitalize you. Get out and meet people, talk to people and find beauty in everyone and everything. Look for the designs and flow of how everything is connected.

  • What is your quest?
  • Are you on the right path?
  • Do you have flow in your life and are you content with where you are heading?
  • If not, what steps can you starts to take today toward your life’s

Without a plan how will you move forward and how will you know if you know if you are heading in the right direction. Small steps lead to a great life especially when you have set specific goals to reach. We never stop our quest, we just improve it along the way. If you are uncertain of how to take steps necessary to meet your goals or start your quest, please contact me and we can prepare a plan together. Either complete the form below or email me at spiritofdragonflies@gmail.com.

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Love and Light!