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Finding Silence in Nature

How would you capture silence in a photograph? Is it a positive image like this one, showing a much-needed break? Or is it the opposite, revealing the lack of communication in a friendship or the dangers of not speaking out? Show us your interpretation in a new post.

“Silence has a mysterious calming effect, allowing your soul to be at peace with your thoughts.” ~ Anthony Douglas Williams, Inside the Divine pattern ~

I love walking through the woods alone in silence as I make my way to the labyrinth at Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center. Once at the labyrinth I connect with the earth as I slowly walk in silence releasing all that holds me back. Of course the forest is not truly silent of noise – just silent from the mindless chatter. Birds sing, trees swoon, squirrels play, and sometimes the crack of a branch will bring awareness to the deer watching nearby.


Truthfully I am never in silence. There is a constant ringing in my ears which I don’t believe anyone truly becomes accustomed. Through meditation and a short time wearing special hearing aids I have come to terms with the ringing and now find it comforting when meditating. There are times when it is less intense but never quiet so those who have the ability to enjoy complete silence are blessed. Does one ever really experience silence? For me, it is silent if there are no manmade noises – planes, ringing phones, radios, televisions  . . . There is nothing one can do to stop the ringing of tinnitus so it becomes part of your quiet.

“Silence isn’t empty, it’s full of answers.” Anonymous

In the silence I find peace and reconnect with my inner self. This is the place where troubles are released and creativity rises. Nature is full of color and wonderful scents. It is in the silence of nature that our senses have the opportunity to experience an awakening. Everything seems brighter, happier, joyous. loving when connecting to Mother Earth.

Do you need to have constant noise? Or, do you find peace in the solitude of nature?

Love and Light!

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Letting Go of Labels

This is not going to be my normal post but sitting silent is not an option today.

It seems the media focuses on what is not working in our country and the world. They lump people together by their gender, race, ethnicity, history, community and on and on. People are people.

We all have a heart to feel with and mind to think with. We all share the air we breath – we can’t live without it. We all share the earth’s water – we can’t live without it. We all share the land – we can’t live without it. We all share the trees – they provide life as well. We all have blood flowing through our veins, skin covering our organs and protecting them from the elements. We are all blessed with the same ability to reach higher vibrations if we focus on what we want instead of letting labels get in the way. I read this quote this morning and felt it appropriate for the day.

“Taking the line of least resistance, we lump the most different people together under the same heading. Taking the line of least resistance, we ascribe to them collective crimes, collective acts and opinions. “The Serbs have massacred…”, “The English have devastated…”, “The Jews have confiscated…”, “The Blacks have torched”, “The Arabs refuse…”. We blithely express sweeping judgments on whole peoples, calling them “hardworking” and “ingenious”, or “lazy”, “touchy”, “sly”, “proud”, or “obstinate”. And sometimes this ends in bloodshed.” 

– Amin Maalouf “On Identity”

Today, stop and take some time to think about your thoughts on different people based on the color of their skin, their income, the type of home they live in, where they are originally from (south, north, east, west, another country . . .). Today, stop and take some time to think about the whole person not their label white, black, police, CEO, politician, socialist, Christian, Muslim, Jew, employed, unemployed, or any other label that has been placed upon them. Today, think about your thoughts on the elderly, children, youth, middle age, young adult and ponder for a moment about the thoughts that come to you while thinking of all these labels.

We all have prejudices – it is a part of us but where did it come from? Our parents, grandparents, community, media, school system, coworkers, history books. It wasn’t until I went to college that my eyes opened wide at learning of the lies told in the history books during my elementary and high school days. Dig deep within you and find that place of prejudice and question all of those beliefs. Take some time each day to dig a little deeper within. You will be amazed at how you will change the way you look at the world. Ignore the media or if you must read what they are feeding you try several so you can have a wide view and make your own decision on what you feel is the truth.

Our beautiful planet covered in light!

Our beautiful planet covered in light!

This is a beautiful world and we all have been blessed with the gift of love if we choose. What can you do today to show love for everyone sharing this small planet with you? I am bringing in the energy of light into my body and spreading it out to the world. If we could all do the same for a few minutes everyday just imagine the love we would see in the world around us.

Love and Light!