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I’d rather be . . . – WPC

Although I am quite content to be doing exactly what I am doing in the moment, whether that be washing dishes, vacuuming, dusting, mowing the lawn, shoveling snow . . . Each daily task brings a sense of being in the moment, enjoying life. This week we are asked to share what we would rather be doing, which is a bit hard when I sit here doing exactly what pleases me, so I will think about a nice sunny day and what I would rather do given the choice on such a day.

I’d rather be . . . sitting on my front porch with a glass of iced mint tea reading a book or, if the grandchildren were here, playing with the toys on the other end of the porch. There is nothing better than sun, sheer curtains dancing in the breeze on a nice warm, sunny day.

DSC_0449 (1)

If I were not home, I’d rather be . . .

Exploring woods and nature with my children and grandchildren . . . Hugging trees . . . meditating at the ocean, lake or stream while listening to the water . . . walking barefoot . . . Earthing . . . anything outside in nature . . .

I’d rather be . . . creating – taking photos, making jewelry, preparing blends of essential oil roller bottles, facilitating Vision Board classes . . .

I’d rather be . . . Sledding with my family at the golf course . . .

I’d rather be . . . Always with camera, book, and notebook maybe enjoying a latte and treat . . .

I’d rather be . . . Anywhere on the water enjoying my kayak, nature, birds singing, quiet of the evening . . .


Enjoying simple pleasures – feeling very blessed. LIFE IS GOOD!

Now, it’s your turn. What would you rather be doing? If you’ve got more than one hobby, don’t be shy — you’re welcome to share the myriad ways in which you’d prefer to be spending time.

If you would like to view other photos submitted for this week’s photo challenge or would like to submit your own, click on the link below: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/rather/

Love and Light!


The Daily Post – Path

For this end-of-year challenge, consider your own path.

“In life one has a choice to take one of two paths: to wait for some special day – or to celebrate each special day.” ~ Rasheed Ogunlaru ~

Everyday I will look for the beauty in every chosen path, not looking back and wondering what if. Instead, I shall look forward and say why not. On any given day we walk well-worn paths, new paths and move into unknown paths. Each path brings its own beauty and gifts.

Do you follow the well-worn paths? Or, are you open to travel the new and unknown paths? It is when we are willing to challenge ourselves and travel the unknown paths that we learn and grow. This year I shall follow more unknown paths and remain open to life’s lessons, opening my arms to growth, new friends, new experiences, new spiritual awakenings.

If you are interested in viewing other photos or submitting your own photos for this week’s challenge, click on the link below:

Love and Light!

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Living the Consequences of Our Choices

Quote by Caroline Myss

Quote by Caroline Myss

Is there someone in your life that you are blaming for your current or past situations?

Sometimes it seems easier to blame another for our life circumstances than to self-assess and discover the role you played.

Ultimately, we are the only one who makes choices about our life. Not making a choice to go in this direction or that direction is actually making a choice. It’s a choice to place our life in someone else’s hands. I have been guilty of this myself.

Looking back at your life with open eyes as if watching it play on a movie screen, without judgment, allows you to return to a time period in your life that had an impact on where you are today. Just view the events, paying attention to how you could have made a different choice or if the choice you made was the best at the time. Take into consideration the time period, ages of people involved, culture they were born into, societal standards of the time, possible choices that could have been made, and your part in the choices made. Once you have taken everything into consideration stop and release the burden of blame on the other person(s) involved and send them heart-felt love. Only do this when you can truly say that you can release them now. Love yourself for choices made and send love to your own heart. Learn from past and move forward.

Live a mindful, loving life by being an active player in your own life. Take charge of choices that affect you and your future.  Remember not verbalizing a choice, is a choice. It is a passive choice to follow along,  giving your power to another. There are times when this might be necessary however emotional choices that impact your life should be made by you. We shouldn’t give our personal power to someone else and then blame them later. Pay attention to your smaller choices so you can be prepared to voice your preferences in the larger decisions. It is your life – take charge and manifest the life of your dreams.

Love and Light,