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God is Watching Us – Prayers of Love and Compassion for All

Let’s stand together – whatever your spiritual, religious beliefs – hold prayers/meditations of compassion and love for all who share Mother Earth. Our shared home until our own candle light is blown out. Standing together we can hold all those in need in a higher vibration. Today I thought of Bette Midler’s song – God Is Watching Us – and wanted to share this beautiful song with you.

Time for everyone to take ACTION in bringing peace to our world. Small actions from each of us will lead to big changes. We are all leaders.

Please, starting today, take a small action daily with friends and family to bring peace to your family, community, country, world.

What can you do? There is an endless list of what you can do to take control of your life – bring peace to yourself and it will shine out to this world. Here are a few action steps:

  • Smile at those you encounter during the day
  • Say hello and ask about their day
  • Take a moment to call someone and let them know you love them and care about them
  • Resolve strained family relationships – even if this means allowing love to shine on those who are no longer close to you – love them from a distance if necessary
  • Pick up garbage from the ground and place it in a receptacle
  • Purchase what you need – not excess that drains you once in your home
  • Get outside and enjoy nature
  • Pay attention to what you eat – some of the food we ingest result in foul moods, anger, sadness, depression . . .
  • Share your excess with others
  • Meditate/Pray for everyone in our world in good times and sad times – don’t wait for a tragedy to pray or meditate
  • Volunteer at a local nursing home, school, hospital, youth shelter, local community center, animal shelter, food pantry . . .
  • Sit and listen to an elderly person and share in their life story
  • Sit and listen to a child letting them share their stories
  • Be mindful of the energy you bring with you to work, travel, shopping . . . Don’t be the spoiled apple that drains others
  • Focus on yourself before trying to correct others – we all have our own issues to address so be kind to others
  • Pay attention to your thoughts – you are the only one who can control negative thoughts playing within your mind
  • Turn off the television, computer, radio and get out in nature – listen to the sounds, take in the beauty, feel the earth under your feet, notice the different bird calls, crickets and other sounds
  • Be still and learn to allow peace to settle within
  • Before reacting – stop and breath – see the others view as they see their situation before reacting – when you do react do it with compassion
  • Pay attention to all the beauty, compassion and love in this world and share this on your blog, Facebook, Twitter and other social sites.
  • Give thanks everyday for all of your blessings

Please feel free to share steps that you take to bring peace to your own life that is reflected out to others. The world is a mirror of our combined thoughts – fear or courage – anger or compassion – hatred or love. The choice is ours.

We can hold a loving vibration which is stronger than any negative vibration. Be the Light in the world and Light the way for others to follow.

May the Light of PEACE and LOVE shine on our world and let it start with each of us!

Holding you all in Love and Light!


WPC – Life Imitates Art

“Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life.”

— Oscar Wilde

This week, find inspiration in a piece of art. Then, imitate it. As I went through my photos I realized my children and I have stood or sat with statues quite often over the years, blending in to make them feel a part of our photos. My children are hanging out with the cowboy, just taking a little rest, in an early 80s photo. You can probably tell by the cigarette hanging from his mouth. This cowboy was part of Story Town when the adventure land played a big roll in Lake George during the summer months. This park is now the Great Escape Adventure Park, Story Town plays a very small role, if any today.

Hanging with a cowboy at Story Town, Lake George, NY

         Hanging with a cowboy at Story Town, Lake George, NY

While visiting my daughter in California we visited La Jolla, checked out the seals on the beach and then strolled through town. I had to stop for a photo shoot with a Dr. Seuss character and assist him with his tray.

Hanging with Cat in the Hat in La Jolla, CA

                                            Hanging with Dr. Seuss Character in La Jolla, CA

Last summer while visiting Mystic Seaport, CT I noticed the runner, John Kelly, and his dog. I decided to join them in their run. We didn’t get very far.

Running with John Kelly in Mystic Seaport, CT

                                             Running with John Kelly in Mystic Seaport, CT

Living in the moment and enjoying life! That is one of the reasons we pose with the statues and allow them to be a part of our enjoyment. Why not have some fun, be silly, and laugh. Isn’t that what life is all about – enjoying the adventure. Do you ever stop for a photo shoot with statues or other interesting artistic creations?

If you would like to see more entries for this week’s photo challenge or would like to enter your own, click on the link below:


Love and Light!



WPC – Time

The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Time

This week, think about time and portray it photographically. Maybe you have a photo about one of the activities in the extract from Haig’s book above. Perhaps you have a fascination with clocks. Or maybe contemplating time takes you somewhere else completely. I hope you enjoy this week’s challenge.

I went a couple of ways with this week’s challenge. When taking photos the photographer must be patient and take their time focusing the camera lens, using the correct settings, lighting, and looking for that right moment. We can’t rush the photo and sometimes it takes several shots to get one that we truly love. We must slow down and become mindful of our every move and the environment we are in.

If we move too quickly time can pass a shadow while we distracted. Some people say my time passes quickly, while others with the same time in the day feel the slow pace of time as they enjoy every minute of the day. If you are constantly in a hurry, then time will seem to pass quickly. Your health will deteriorate and you will miss out on the important things in life. If you can become mindful of time and enjoy every moment, life will appear to slow down and become more enjoyable.

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”

~ Helen Keller ~

The shadow of time and missed moments

The shadow of time and missed moments

Sometimes we need to stop and take some ME time. Time to reflect, to breathe, to create, laugh, read, dance, and have some fun. This is needed more now that ever. People are always going here and there, never stopping to eat a meal at the table with their family and friends. We see them in restaurants sitting with cell phones or lap tops not conversing with the person they should be enjoying time with and being mindful of the food they are ingesting. They think that is there ME time.

Me time is sitting in nature, reconnecting with the earth; meditating or practicing yoga; getting in touch with our inner being; releasing anxieties, restlessness, anger, fear and past grudges to allow healing energy to flow through us. That is ME time.


One doesn’t know how long their time on this earth is, that is probably a good thing. So, live as if you have all the time in the world.

The one thing we cannot do is look ahead in time to see what will come. Just like taking a photo, the photographer must focus on the moment, not whether the photo will be liked and kept. Many of us keep out of focus photos from generations long gone. Some we cherish and some we keep for sentimental reasons, wishing they were more in focus for us to see if we have any resemblances to those who have gone before us. When I took the photo below of a marble earlier, I didn’t know in the moment what I would see. Sometimes the camera picks up images that are not visible in the lens. I was after downloading the photo to my computer that I noticed myself holding the camera. During editing I began to feel as if I were trying to capture the past or possibly look into a looking-glass into the future. All I could do was remain in the present and enjoy the photo.

Looking into a marble from my past, I see myself.

Looking into a marble from my past, I see the past and future while standing in the present.

This was one of the marbles from an old mason jar I use to display the marbles. They are a reminder of time past, well-worn and pitted from childhood play. I still have several shooters and remember playing marbles at recess in elementary school. Time hasn’t been kind to most of those in the jar but they are still beautiful even with their pits. Time stops for me when light shines through the glass capturing a colorful reflection on the wall or floor. I am reminded that the passage of time will age us, we may get some wrinkles and pits, but when we slow down and look within, the beautiful light inside us shines out to the world just like it does the marble.

DSC_0326 DSC_0303







Be like the marble, shine your beautiful light even if time has left you with some wrinkles and pits!

If you are interested in learning more about marbles click the link below:


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Love and light!


Balance – Look Inside


Today, let’s think about what we can do to make this world a better place. No divides, no hatred, no angry thoughts. For today, lets spread peace on our earth and send loving thoughts to everyone. If you have been watching the news and becoming victim of the divide that is playing out, please stop for one day and think about your friends of various skin color, religious beliefs, educational levels, socioeconomic status and such. We love one another and came into each others life sharing our thoughts, beliefs and lives by connecting at a deeper level. Then think about the number of loving people the media ignores who are working to make this world a better place for all. Those people, maybe even yourself, who donate their time and money for a cause where they have no idea who is receiving the gifts. Think of the emergency room technicians, nurses, doctors who are saving lives, bringing babies into the world and sitting with those who are taking their last breath.

The main cause of our problems is the Ego and thinking someone has more than us, that we are not getting our fair share. It saddens my heart to watch video clips of angry, hateful people trying to divide this beautiful country we live in. If you do not have an education – whose fault is it? The school opens the door – it is up to you to learn. It takes time, effort and hard work. Say all you want about the education system – I know some successful young former foster children who grew up under deplorable conditions yet they are successful college graduates going out into the world with one goal – to help others and change the life of children.

Pay attention to your thoughts and words. They have an impact much larger than you realize. Fill your hearts with love and take steps to improve the life of others just as if they were your own children. In turn, your life will be greatly improved.

Love to all!!


Finding Balance on Your Life Journey

Guiding you on the journey from darkness into the light

Guiding you on the journey from darkness into the light. We need both because the world is a balance – a give and take. Without one we do not seem to appreciate the other. Looking at what you do not want allows you to focus on what you do. As you begin to focus more on what you want, you begin to attract what you focus on into your life.


Allowing the light to show you the way – see the contrast and focus on what you want in life.


Finding the messages in nature. This reminded me of a heart and someone left the message to find balance and be open to the beauty in the world and spread love.

If you need some assistance in finding balance and reaching your goals I would love to guide you along on your journey. Feel free to contact me for a consultation.

Love and Light!


The Artist – Taylor Rose Yetto

My granddaughter just posted her site and I would love to share her artistic talent with you. She is reaching out and sharing her light and love of art, creativity, and life.

Check our her site and let me know what you think of her art. As you probably can tell, I am very proud of her. Hope you enjoy!


Love and Light!



Be Grateful and Remain Focused on What You Want

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut and can’t think beyond the immediate situation whether that be lack of finances, dislike of our job, house repairs, anger at a spouse or significant other, our children’s poor behavior or a multitude of other daily events. Sometimes these thoughts take over our life and we can’t seem to move forward.

Now think of times in your life that you were so happy and content that you wanted the feeling to last forever. The birth of a new baby, wedding, engagement, while playing with children, a windfall of cash whether it be income tax return – inheritance – bonus, vacation, everything working the way you planned.

We need more of the feelings we receive from the latter when we are happy and content in life. We can have this everyday maybe at different levels but it is always there and available to us no matter what is occurring outside of us. Even if we are ill, know someone who is ill, have lost a loved one, or had any other life events that cause a trauma, sadness or leave us at a loss for what to do.

You may be saying this isn’t possible. How can you remain happy and content in life if you just found out you have cancer or a loved one has a terminal disease? Or you may wonder how anyone can be happy if they become unemployed, can’t pay the bills, foreclose on their house.

There are people who do remain in a place of contentment and find something to be grateful for no matter what the circumstance. You have heard the expression if one door closes another opens. Look at people you may know who have lost jobs they despised. Even though they despised the job and complained about it daily, the loss of that position made them face a closing door. What if they had been grateful to have a job, to receive a paycheck, to enjoy getting up and going to work with their coworkers. When they no longer had this position they became grateful for the job and angry that it was no longer available. Now they had to face the new world of job searching, maybe learning new skills, reevaluating what was important in a job and heading in a different direction. They may have decided to start their own business in a field they love. As they move forward in this new position they become grateful that they were laid off or fired because it put them on a trajectory to where they wanted to be. It may have been the push they needed to move them in the direction of their dreams.

For someone who is ill, maybe they were living a life filled with stress or displeasure, not properly caring for their body. This is not for all people who become ill but if you look around there are many that are ill as a result of their eating poor diets, smoking, consuming too much alcohol or drugs, taking too many prescription drugs, lack of exercise, constant stressing over what might be. Sometimes an illness can be the wake up call – your body letting you know what you are doing isn’t working. Many times after a stressful situation that continues in the person’s mind well over the time of the event they may become ill. There are people who once they find out they are ill change their diet and begin a healthier lifestyle. Maybe they quit smoking after a heart attack and begin to eat natural food, adding more fruits and vegetables into their meal. They begin walking daily or join a gym, participate in a 3 or 5K event. They realize they are grateful for the illness that change their lives.

My question is why not just be grateful everyday for what we do have. Today I am grateful that I have a job that provides a decent salary with benefits, a rental home that keeps me safe and warm, food to eat, a car to drive, an Apple computer and iPhone. I didn’t always have these luxuries. When my children were small we didn’t have a car so I walked them to the babysitter and then walked the mile to work. We didn’t have a telephone (a time before cell phones) or a television. We spent our time together dancing to records on the turntable (we didn’t have CDs then). The kids played outside with the neighborhood children and they all came to my house to play and have snacks. They built an airplane from the toy box and wood in the back of the apartment and we played hide-n-seek in our house. We didn’t have very much but I was grateful everyday that I had my children and a job to pay the bills always knowing that their was more. Knowing that we would have more one day. I didn’t sit and feel bad, I searched for ways out of the situation. This is when I decided to find a way to attend college. Taking one course at a time, in the evening, over an eight year period I finally received an Associates in Science degree. My position in the factory changed from dish machine operator to Customer Service Representative to Office Manager, handling shipping and production, and eventually over the nine years I accepted an outside sales representative position. There were times of stress, three-month unemployment, little food to feed the children but we survived and looking back I feel this was due to feeling gratitude everyday the day – not every moment of the day – but throughout the day. In the midst of financial difficulty we could still dance, play, and focus on a better life in the future. I was grateful I had a job, that we had a place to live, and lived in an area where neighbors helped neighbors. It wasn’t the best location but it was safe and there were plenty of children on our street. I never doubted that the situation was temporary.

The day I received my Bachelor Degree from a private college I thought this was it. I was grateful to have received my Associates Degree so the BA was a bonus and the result of meeting the right people who guided me along the way. When I walked the stage at SUNY Albany to receive my Master’s Degree, I once again stood in awe because I knew anything was possible. Being open to receiving and meeting people along the way opened doors for me. There were many people along my path that provided insight, direction guidance and love. Not all of the advice and direction was welcomed at the time presented but they all provided direction needed at the time and I am forever grateful.

Live in the space in between – a grateful space between where you are and where you want to be. That space where people and events occur that clear the path to your future. Learn to be grateful in that space. Last year I walked the stage at UCLA to receive my Creative Writing diploma and tears filled my eyes because when I was that young mother walking to the factory job I had dreamed of the day I would graduate from UCLA. Dreams come true and once one is fulfilled have another waiting or in process.

Never give up, always continue to move forward one step at a time. Your dream today can become your reality tomorrow if you can just be grateful for where you are today knowing you are steps away from where you want to be. Smile once in a while and be friendly to all. You never know when the person you are speaking with in a coffee shop or while standing in line at the grocery may be a person to open a door and take you one step closer to your goal or you may be that person for them.

If you are interested in learning more about taking steps to reach your goals, please fill out the contact form below for a free one hour coaching session. I would love to hear from you and guide you on your path.

Live large, be grateful, and love life!!

Love and Light,



Living Mindfully While Traveling for Work

Traveling for work can be stressful for some and was at one time for me as well. Now I find pleasure no matter where I travel, even while sitting in traffic. After discovering that listening to audio books can bring peace on the road – bring two for variety – especially when sitting in traffic. When traveling to the ‘north country’ New York State traffic jams are not a concern – weather on the other hand can be.

This week there was an overnight in Hogansburg, then on to Malone for a morning visit with my last stop in Elizabethtown for an afternoon visit. The weather was perfect – cold but sunny. The snow storm wasn’t expected to start until later in the afternoon. I love snow but traveling in the Adirondacks in bad weather can be a little frightening at times – no streets lights, no other cars for miles, and  there isn’t any cell service for long stretches.

Traveling south, as I was passing through Saranac Lake they were building the Ice Castle. This is why it is important to carry a camera or smart phone. This was a very interesting process. I had no idea that the blocks of ice were cut from the lake. It makes sense if you stop to think about it and this is why I am slowing down and taking time to think and be mindful of the world around me. As you can see from the photos below the ice was a beautiful shade of blue. After parking my rental car the first thing I noticed was a large cloud hanging pretty low in the sky above. It reminded me of a mitten with the thumb sticking out below or a whale. It wasn’t until I snapped the first photo that I noticed the large circle of light surrounding it. As you can see from the photo it was a complete circle hanging above the lake.

Saranac Lake Ice Sculpture

Saranac Lake Ice Sculpture

Saranac Lake Ice Sculpture

Saranac Lake Ice Sculpture

Preparing ice for the Saranac Lake Ice Sculpture

Preparing ice for the Saranac Lake Ice Sculpture

Circle around Cloud

Circle around Cloud

It was nice getting out of the car to stretch a bit and get my legs moving. I try to get out and stretch every hour and a half. After leaving Saranac Lake I traveled through a mountain range. We can see the high peaks in the distance. This is an area for hikers and mountain climbing. I enjoy this myself in the summer, it can be a little unpredictable in the winter due to the sudden snow storms. So I leave the winter climbing to the experts.

Adirondack Mountains, NY

Adirondack Mountains, NY

Feeling a little tired after my second meeting and another hour of driving, I decided to stop in Lake George for a cup of coffee. My favorite coffee shop was closed for the winter but fortunately I found  Cafe Vero – it was a delight. I brought in my camera and a book – was glad I did when the warmth of the fireplace greeted me. It was a very peaceful place to sit and read a book while sipping my latte. If you are in the area you can find Cafe Vero on Route 9. The staff is very friendly and the latte delicious. They had a maple glazed bacon donut that looked scrumptious, unfortunately I didn’t try it. Maybe next time.

Latte and fire at Cafe Vero in Lake George, NY

Latte and fire at Cafe Vero in Lake George, NY

In the past, when traveling for a week at a time I would bring candles, bath beads, framed family photos, books, colored pens, journals, magazines, scissors, glue, herbal tea, and a special tea-cup. Sometimes my pillow and a throw, if I didn’t travel by train. The hotel room would become a home away from home. When in NYC I would walk forty blocks after work and take photos of items in store windows and displays, food dishes, people, and items in the hotel room. It was a little stressful then because my youngest daughter was a teenager and I missed her. Fortunately for us, we had family members available in my absence.

If traveling for work, make the down time feel like a vacation then it becomes pleasurable. Enjoy the pool, jacuzzi, gym, and once in a while order room service. Think about the times in between work and home as the space between – it is in those spaces of time that you can bring peace into your life. Those spaces in time can be filled with meditations, reading, singing, laughing, seeing with new eyes, taking photos, meeting new people, learning new things. My time working as Congressional Fellow in Washington, D.C. is referred to as my working vacation. The girls were able to experience new schools, new friends, new sights, new travel on the metro. I lived a new experience everyday – meeting new people for around the country and world, exploring D.C. especially on weekends, participating in rallies – it was a true adventure. Today I live close enough to family that I can visit but in a new area with many areas to explore and new people to meet regularly. Live in the spaces, even if it is familiar to you. Look at your area as if you were a visitor and explore with new eyes. Take a new route to work, stop in to the local attraction whether big or small, walk around your town, village, city as if you just moved to the area. Do you see anything new, different, anything you never noticed before?

If you live mindfully in the spaces in between, I would to hear what you do to keep life exciting and new. If you would like to learn how to take the first stop to quiet your mind and live in the space in between I would love to guide you to that place of peace.


Light and Love,


Breaking the Block of Resistance

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

This book was one of five on the recommended reading list for my non-fiction writing class. Fortunately for me this was the only book available at Barnes and Noble on Thursday evening. Once I began reading I could not put it down. I highly recommend this book to anyone who procrastinates, makes excuses for why they aren’t succeeding or pursuing their dreams, and especially for anyone who blames others for their inability to create.

When my two older children were in high school one of the words in our home that floated in the air on a daily basis was procrastination. They both despised that word. I on the other hand didn’t have time for their procrastination because I was working three part-time jobs while attending school full-time and raising a family on my own. If they procrastinated and tried to cram something in at the last-minute like fund-raisers they knew about for a month and let me know about the day before money was due or items they needed for their class and decided the night before to let me know they needed an $85 calculator. I would ask where I was to get this $85 – out of thin air. So that was life in our home.

Today I must share that my son is so dedicated to his craft that he devotes all of his free time to painting. He has a dedication and love for painting that I envy. It was procrastination but also resistance that I was fighting all those years. I wasn’t smart enough, didn’t have the money, time, education, courage, I was a single Mom . . . You get the picture – victimization was my friend.

When I look back it amazes me that I was able to show up to my part-time jobs, pay the bills, keep the house clean, bake cookies, make real meals, purchase groceries, and play with my children. We even went cross-country skiing in the winter, sleigh riding, hiking in the summer and had additional children over night. All this while moving up the ranks in the Army National Guard, receiving an ASS in Human Services, BA in Sociology, and an MA in Liberal Studies with a focus in Women and Public Policy. I was a success – why didn’t I see it.

I didn’t see it because my focus was on what I didn’t have, that’s why. I wanted to draw, learn how to dance, write a novel but I resisted because I didn’t think I had what it took to accomplish such lofty goals. There are single parents writing a chapter a week while their children sleep and the laundry is in the washer, or recording themselves while in the car driving to and from the grocery store. It wasn’t my children, my parents, siblings – it was my own choices and where I wanted to place my focus.

Today, I don’t read the news, surf the web, play computer games (well once in a while), watch television, or keep a spotless house. I say no thank you when I don’t want to take the time to attend birthday parties, family celebrations, or work get-togethers. Idly sitting around gossiping drives me crazy especially when nothing is resolved and I would rather be writing or taking photos with my new camera. Being able to say no and not feel guilty is something I am working on myself. We are all a work in progress. If you are anything like me there is this guilt that lies right over the surface of everything – always there ready to pounce. This is not mine – it belongs to my mother and father, my siblings – not me. So I am letting it go. Saying “No” is not a bad thing, it allows you the freedom to be the creative person that has been waiting for release from the confines of the guilt, victimization, and anything else that holds us back.

Resistance is there due to our fear. Fear of what others will think, fear of our success, fear of failure, ridicule, fear of not being in with the now – whatever the mood of the day is. Fear of knowing that as we change others won’t understand and will take it personally – that we may lose friends and hurt our families. If we waited for fear to leave we would never move forward, never try new things, venture out and experience the world around us. Maybe it is time to move on from our friends if they are holding us back. Being alone is not a bad thing for a creative person. It doesn’t mean we can’t still be in relationships, the relationships we develop will be with people who are interested in creating as well. They will be the people who understand, form groups with you to brainstorm and share your craft. Those people in our life today who may not understand might just be afraid of pursuing their dreams for the same reasons and your moving out of the norm might just be the trigger needed to free them as well. Then they will come along for the ride with you – not directing but standing next to you.

What are you resisting? What have you always wanted to do but felt you didn’t have time to pursue? If you are a parent, wouldn’t you be a better parent if you show your children how to pursue their dreams, how to continuously grow and learn. Imagine how you can shine and show the way to your nieces, nephews and other adults and children in your life.

Take the first step today. If you want to write, grab a piece of paper and start writing or sit at your computer and start typing. If you want to draw, grab a paper and pencil, markers, paint – whatever medium you feel comfortable with. Bring out the magazines and start cutting out pictures that inspire you, speak to you, bring you to that peaceful place within. Grab an instrument and start playing, watch a YouTube video on how to play. Get some old pieces of wood and start sculpting, sawing, cutting and make something. Take a class at the local school, community college – or better yet why not teach something you know. The ideas and possibilities are endless.

Then tell everyone that you meet “I am a writer” – painter – dancer – singer – carpenter – jewelry maker – fill in whatever it is you want to pursue. Share it on your blog, Facebook page or whatever other source you use. Even if you are not perfect today – it’s not about perfections – share what you are working on and become your dream of yourself. Visualize yourself writing that book, signing books at your book sales, dancing on stage, setting up your art show, selling your jewelry, creating beautiful wooden cabinets. Whatever it is, be IT and act as if IT already exists.

I would love to hear what you are working on and how it makes you feel. As for me, right now I am pursuing writing, photography, and learning how to start a coaching business. Everyday I take one step toward learning and growing in the area of my dream life. This morning it was a business building conference call with a group of like-minded individuals and after the call writing a business plan. Tonight I will write a couple of pages for my writing class. I know that everyday I am one step closer to a successful coaching business and published book that will help motivate and educate others who are interested in pursuing their own life purpose so they can be true to themselves and find peace in their lives.

Love and Light!