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In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Muse.”

The first thing that came to mind for this week’s challenge – Muse –  were the shadow photos. Upon waking or walking into a room to witness light dancing across the window shades or sheers onto the walls and floors, stories begin to take shape in my mind. Wonderful stories of women living normal lives – similar to those of my mother and aunts – normal yet heroic. Raising children with little resources, caring for husbands, ironing shirts, hanging clothes on the line in frigid temperatures, caring for the sick and elderly at home, cooking meals that stretched for days, aging before their time. I am not sure why these play out in my mind but entire scenes flash before my eyes within seconds taking me to a time far away. I feel comforted and surrounded by love during these flashes and leave the space ready to conquer whatever is before me. When I see these shadows with light of varying sizes and shapes, I also feel creative and try my hand at pencil drawings and plan to try painting in the shadows with different colors in the near future.

Do you ever sit and enjoy the shadows and light playing across your windows, walls and floor? Check out this last photo:

The face in the window

The face in the window

Do you see it? The shadow of the leaves appear as a face to me – as if someone were peeking in the window to check on me. Maybe trying to tell me something – probably to write down those stories and to return to my love of drawing and painting. I didn’t really notice the shape of the face until after I snapped the photo and looked at it. Well, did you see it?

Shadows and light playing in my home are my muse. They cost nothing. You don’t have to travel. This can be enjoyed anytime of the day if you change the natural light for the shadows that play in the evening lamps or lit candles. I love those as well. Your financial situation does not play into this – light and shadows can be enjoyed no matter what your income or location. They can be enjoyed by all through mindful living – if you are willing to stop and take notice. Are you?

Love and Light!