Spirit of Dragonflies, LLC

Kripalu Mindfulness Outdoor Experience Guide & Life Coach – Get Outside. Go Within.


“I am pleased to write this recommendation on behalf of my friend and mentor, Sandy Wilson.  In all honesty, Sandy and I are old high school classmates, but we only recently connected after a ‘handful’ of years.  Sandy came back into my life at a time when I was dealing with a lot of change and many challenges.  I had just learned that I had cancer and I was trying to prepare myself as best I could to defeat the disease.  I employed every tool in my arsenal, and one of those tools was Sandy.  (No, I’m not saying that Sandy is a tool…  Stay with me, people!)

Through Sandy, I learned how to focus my energy and attention when I needed to.  I relearned how to breathe, and how to relax.  I learned how to ask the universe to look out for my needs.  I learned how to let go…  Sandy and I worked together for about 6 months.  On the night before my surgery, Sandy called me and walked me through my visualization and actualizing exercises, allowing me to purge negativity and focus on the task at hand.

Throughout my recovery, my doctors and caretakers all echoed the same sentiments: By every measure, I was healing and recuperating better than expected.  I owe much of this to Sandy and the work we did together.”

Ken P., California – Feb. 7, 2015

“I worked with Sandy for close to one year. She is extremely adept in her coaching skills from her sensitive, eloquently kind way of getting to the issue, to her knowing the right time to bring in the perfect meditation. You feel especially comfortable talking with her, trusting with full faith that she has you in her heart. If challenges comes up in my life, Sandy is always there to help clarify and then take me to that better feeling place. She’s a true gift.”

Judith Farber, Manhattan, NY – Feb. 12, 2015

“There is profoundness in being deeply listened to and understood; it is miraculous when that connection is held down to the soul. Sandy helped me with strategizing and using techniques to help me step from being an observer into becoming the architect of my life experience. I am not just grateful for what she does but who she is; I am thankful for my experience!”

Best Regards,

Moses Sebom, New Jersey – Feb 6, 2015

“I just wanted to thank you for all your help over the past year.  Your guidance and coaching helped me to regain my motivation to complete my school work.  During our sessions I learned a lot about myself and how I had the power to change the outcome of my situation.  You were always available when I felt stuck and knew exactly what I needed to do in order to move forward.  Thank you for being such a positive influence in my life!”

Shawna L., Upstate New York – Feb. 20, 2015





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