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WPC – Atop


Experimenting with our point of view in a photograph allows us to establish a setting, tell a specific story, or rethink our own perspective. This week, consider your point of view as you respond to this challenge’s theme, “Atop.” If you’re physically on top of a thing or a place — a mountain, a skyscraper — what type of scene do you want to share in your frame? Consider, too, other interpretations of “Atop” — what does it mean or look like to be on top of a soapbox? A bestseller list? The world?

The view from John Boyd Thatcher Park overlook in New York is beautiful no matter what time of year especially in Autumn. From this vantage point you can see for miles out to State University of New York and beyond.

From New York to San Diego, CA still atop looking out at the ocean and those on the cliff below. And from a different vantage point looking out at San Diego in the distance.

The Cliff Walk in Newport, RI had some wonderful views from the top and, if you wanted to walk down the forty steps, views from the bottom as well.


While in Alaska there were many opportunities to find your self atop mountains or even trees if zip lining.

What about when you are atop a waterfall to enjoy the sound of roaring water from a different angle. Or, when you find yourself above the lake where you have a grand view of the mighty Sacandaga Lake in New York and surrounding mountains.

Standing on the top of the hills around the Saratoga National Historical Park you can see for miles whether in the winter or summer. It is always beautiful no matter the season.

And, what about showing little ones standing atop a bridge the importance of caution when looking out at the rushing waters of the river below. My grandson was enjoying exploring the Pottersville Natural Stone Bridge and Caves while he was visiting last year.


If you are interested in viewing other entries for this week’s challenge or would like to submit your own photos, click on the link below:


Love and Light!

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My purpose in life is to inspire others to reach their goals, dreams, higher selves. Are you ready to transform your life forever? Allow me to guide you along the steps toward reaching your inspirational, exciting life. I am a lover of life, a certified QSCA Life Coach, Therapeutic Touch practitioner, Dale Carnegie Graduate Intern Trainer, amateur photographer, and aspiring writer taking steps to reach my own and loving every minute. Love and Light!

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  2. Wow! Beautiful capture from atop.

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  3. The cliff walk in RI – my favorite!

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