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DPW Challenge – Ephemeral 2 (Nature)


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Ephemeral.”

Seize the day, then let it go.   ~ Marty Rubin

Author: spiritofdragonflies

My purpose in life is to inspire others to reach their goals, dreams, higher selves. Are you ready to transform your life forever? Allow me to guide you along the steps toward reaching your inspirational, exciting life. I am a lover of life, a certified Mindfulness Outdoor Experience Guide, Certified QSCA Life Coach, Therapeutic Touch practitioner, amateur photographer, and aspiring writer taking steps to reach my own goals and loving every minute. Love and Light!

5 thoughts on “DPW Challenge – Ephemeral 2 (Nature)

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  2. Catching a moment in time. Love it! And that Alaskan sunset…I was blessed with the opportunity to work at Denali National Park for 3 summers while in college, and there’s nothing like it!!

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