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What Are Your Words Attracting Into Your Life?


When you talk to yourself or when you talk to others do you ever pay attention to your choice of words?

Lately when conversing with people on conference calls, during meetings I have been paying attention to their choice of words. Most of the people in these situations are living the Law of Attraction, focusing on positives, meditating and yet their life is not matching what they are practicing. They can’t figure out why. It doesn’t take long to figure out what is going on. What they are telling themselves explains it all. During the times in my own life when I wasn’t in flow it was due to what I was telling myself. If you pay attention you may just surprise yourself.

Lately I have been spending a lot of time listening to my own words and noticing when I use not, always, never, can’t, don’t, shouldn’t, couldn’t . . . Now I quickly change to I can, I am, I desire, I’m in the process, I’m ready . . .  When I catch myself using the negative words I stop myself, take a breath, then change the words. I have also helped others on the coaching conference calls and during meetings to notice their word choices. Once brought to their attention it surprises them. They rephrase their sentence with more appropriate words to manifest the world they wish to see.

Last week while sitting in the office – I sit on the other side of a cubical wall from some coworkers – I listened to a conversation between two coworkers. One of the woman has been sick quite frequently. It surprises me because she is very conscious of healthy eating and exercises regularly. She is generally positive yet she is either suffering from a cold, recouping from a cold, or in the beginning stages of a cold. While she was speaking I heard her say, “I am always sick . . .I can’t seem to . . . It never . . . ” Can her words be the cause of her sickness. The other worker shared that she was suffering from some pains in her body. She said, “I always have this pain . . . Pain in the neck . . . Can’t stand it . . . ” They spent around fifteen minutes in conversation sharing everything they felt was going wrong in their life. So I ask you, if thoughts are things, are they manifesting sickness and pain into their lives? What if it’s true that what we tell ourselves is reflected in the world around us. Then wouldn’t it be true that they are bringing this suffering upon themselves.

What words do you use when you’re in conversation with others? Do you ever say – they are a pain in the neck – they make me sick – I can’t stand that – I can’t breathe – my heart aches – pain in the ass…

Recently I have listened to motivational speakers on webinars, YouTube, and other videos. They appear to be happy, healthy, and excited about life. They use words such as love, wonderful, exciting, beautiful, abundant, successful… say “I am . . . , I am in the process . . . , I have . . . Some look in the mirror every morning motivating themselves when they first wake and before going to bed. Margaret Lynch shared that she dances and sings out “I am it, I am ready, I have it all . . .” They write in their gratitude journals, keep gratitude jars, wake in the morning thinking grateful thoughts about being blessed with another day of life. They live their day in a state of mindfulness, staying in the moment throughout the day while taking steps toward their goals. What a wonderful thing to incorporate into our own lives.

Over the last year I have started using mirror work. Every morning I look into the mirror and tell myself this is a great day, I am a success, I am worthy, I am abundant and living a  wonderful life, that I am OK the way I am. Upon waking in the morning I feel the sheets, pillow, enjoy the sun shining through the curtains, I think about family in photos and send loving thoughts, when looking at the special items in my room I feel grateful for all the blessing in my life at this moment in time. While getting ready for work I send a beautiful loving light out to the world, to my office, my car, my coworkers. This prepares the world for me prior to my leaving home.

While at work I pay attention to my words. When I notice any negative words flow from my mouth I stop and restate with words that will manifest the life I wish for. The important thing is to pay attention and catch yourself. Sometimes you can help others change their words by bringing to this to their attention. Not every time but there are people you will meet and will know they will be thankful. We aren’t the word police however we can rephrase the statement in our mind. You’ll notice that they are manifesting the life they want through the language they are using in their everyday language. It may not be the life they really want, but it is the life they are thinking and speaking.

What would our life look like if you focused on using inspiring words that manifest the life you want to manifest? What would you feel like inside if you only spoke loving, positive words to yourself and others – if your mind-chatter focused on what you really wanted to see? You would bring to reality the life you wish to see, sharing love with everyone you interacted with.

What we say, think and do is what we manifest into our lives. Today, pay attention to your words and notice if what you have been saying and thinking is reflected in your life. If this is what you want than great, if not, then try changing your choice of words for a couple of weeks and see what happens. Please let me know what you discover.

Love and Light,

Author: spiritofdragonflies

My purpose in life is to inspire others to reach their goals, dreams, higher selves. Are you ready to transform your life forever? Allow me to guide you along the steps toward reaching your inspirational, exciting life. I am a lover of life, a certified Mindfulness Outdoor Experience Guide, Certified QSCA Life Coach, Therapeutic Touch practitioner, amateur photographer, and aspiring writer taking steps to reach my own goals and loving every minute. Love and Light!

7 thoughts on “What Are Your Words Attracting Into Your Life?

  1. Great post. Thanks Sandy. I have noticed that people say over and over what they want, and then don’t know why it isn’t magically happening. I think they forget 1. To put emotion behind it, 2. The action that it takes to manifest, 3. The gratitude for what they have, 4. the felt visualization and 5. the languaging in between when they are asking/praying, etc We also can’t know what people’s spiritual curriculums are. Or karma. Like if they need illness or whatever for soul growth. You are right. Our languaging is so important, and your encouragement and direction and ideas are so good. I think when we want something and think we are being positive about it, everything – all our fears and issues that are in between where we are and where we want to be- come up. Wow, I must feel strongly about this. Look at me rattleing on and on. Long story short, I agree!!

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  2. What you say in the post sounds so true. A close friend and I usually share what goes on in our lives. I had always believed that it is good to have someone to unburden to. Yet, we talk of all the things that are going wrong in our lives, our unfulfilled dreams and the harsh reality of life and how we feel down and stressed out. Lately, I have been feeling that these conversations sap my energy. Now, I understand why.

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  3. I’ve heard it all before. AND thank you very much for reminding me. It’s soooo easy to slip off into that other area of negativity, and stay right freakin there. Until someone comes along and reminds you there is that other side where things work. Oh, and this: I can’t help loving a person who uses a dash correctly in a sentence!

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  4. …beautifully written… surely everyone should give it a shot! Thanks for sharing ❤


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