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I’d rather be . . . – WPC

Although I am quite content to be doing exactly what I am doing in the moment, whether that be washing dishes, vacuuming, dusting, mowing the lawn, shoveling snow . . . Each daily task brings a sense of being in the moment, enjoying life. This week we are asked to share what we would rather be doing, which is a bit hard when I sit here doing exactly what pleases me, so I will think about a nice sunny day and what I would rather do given the choice on such a day.

I’d rather be . . . sitting on my front porch with a glass of iced mint tea reading a book or, if the grandchildren were here, playing with the toys on the other end of the porch. There is nothing better than sun, sheer curtains dancing in the breeze on a nice warm, sunny day.

DSC_0449 (1)

If I were not home, I’d rather be . . .

Exploring woods and nature with my children and grandchildren . . . Hugging trees . . . meditating at the ocean, lake or stream while listening to the water . . . walking barefoot . . . Earthing . . . anything outside in nature . . .

I’d rather be . . . creating – taking photos, making jewelry, preparing blends of essential oil roller bottles, facilitating Vision Board classes . . .

I’d rather be . . . Sledding with my family at the golf course . . .

I’d rather be . . . Always with camera, book, and notebook maybe enjoying a latte and treat . . .

I’d rather be . . . Anywhere on the water enjoying my kayak, nature, birds singing, quiet of the evening . . .


Enjoying simple pleasures – feeling very blessed. LIFE IS GOOD!

Now, it’s your turn. What would you rather be doing? If you’ve got more than one hobby, don’t be shy — you’re welcome to share the myriad ways in which you’d prefer to be spending time.

If you would like to view other photos submitted for this week’s photo challenge or would like to submit your own, click on the link below: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/rather/

Love and Light!


Sweets for the little Sweethearts

What does sweet look like to you? We look forward to your photo submissions this week!


It doesn’t seem possible it was almost two years ago that I spent the week before Easter with my daughter and her family in San Diego, CA. We had such a lovely time. One of the special events was meeting up with her friends and their children to see the Easter Bunny. Addy and Tanner were enjoying the window display in the confectionery shop.  Little Addy pulled up her pocketbook to see if there was any money hidden within. Love her expressions. When both Mom’s said I could treat the little ones we went in and picked out the cupcake both agreed upon. They brought their sweet out to the table, cut it in half and enjoyed every bite. If I could eat gluten I would have been enjoying this with them. Look at those sweet little faces enjoying their sweet treat!

Or, you could select a little healthier sweet treat to enjoy.


I can’t take any credit for this photo – borrowing it from my daughter because it is one of my favorites. This little guy truly lives mindfully – in the moment. Look at the joy on Colt’s little face as he bites into this sweet strawberry, savoring the moment.

That was then – This is now:


I made a Mickey Mouse cake for Colt’s 2nd Birthday. He loves wearing masks and decided to wear his new Batman mask and cape for his Birthday Party. Something about wearing a mask and cape seems to make you feel invincible or at least invisible – not really sure which but it was fun watching him sneak a little taste of the frosting. When he noticed I was watching he said, “Mmmmm, Mimi this is delicious.” Then he stuck his finger in the frosting and tried another little taste. What a sweetie enjoying his sweet Mickey cake.

Do you still have the innocence of a child within? Do you find yourself staring in a glass case at a confectionery shop eyeing the sweets? Or, do you still sneak a little frosting from an uncut cake? Go ahead – I give you permission:)

Love and Light!

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WPC – In-Focus and Out-of-Focus

This week, show us your favorite in-focus and out-of-focus moments.

“When things feel like they’re not working out, focus on what’s working right.” ~ Karen Salmansohn ~

“Life is like a camera, just focus on what’s important and capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out, just take another shot.” ~ Ziad K. Abdelnour ~

“When you focus on problems, you get more problems. When you focus on possibilities, you have more opportunities.” ~ Zig Ziglar ~

If your life seems out of focus, change what you are focusing on and begin again. Today, focus on possibilities and enjoy all the opportunities that present themselves over the next week, six months, year.

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Love and Light!


WPC: Jubilant

This week’s photo challenge is jubilant.

Jubilant, adjective: showing great joy, satisfaction, or triumph; rejoicing; feeling or expressing great happiness and triumph.

The first thing I thought of were the photos of my grandson’s first time sliding down a large slide at the carnival. He wasn’t quite two yet and decided not to wait for his Mom. His little face is pure joy – happiness – triumph.

This was a day filled with love, laughter, and fun. I felt very blessed to have my daughter and grandson visiting from San Diego. The warm sunny day and time with friends and family was enjoyed by all. Watching this little guy experience an adventure on his own for the first time was priceless. It is the little things in life that bless us the most.

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Love and Light!


WPC – Seasons

This week – Share an image evocative of the weather or represent the current “season of your life” in metaphor.

Whether seasons of the year or seasons of our life, each brings its own beauty, gratitude and sadness. Reviewing photos of the different seasons reminded me that my own life adjusting through the seasons from the young girl to the young Mom, almost overnight. That is how it sometimes feels with the changing weather patterns. Last week it was below zero, this week we are in the 50s. Some of the seasons of life are a little more difficult than others, just like the weather from one year to the next. Last year we had a long, hard, cold winter. This year we only had a few cold days in January and early February.

Our attitudes can change from one season to the next due to the amount of sunshine we receive, time spent in nature vs inside, layers of clothing needed to remain warm or cool, whether we are facing the arrival of a new baby or the death of a loved one. New babies are like spring bringing warmth, sunshine and new life. While autumn and winter can remind us of death, darkness and cold. All are a part of life and it is our thoughts and attitudes toward the seasons that determine whether we remain happy and optimistic throughout all kinds of weather and seasons in life.

We can let the seasons affect our lives or we can learn to live mindfully knowing that all seasons have a purpose and place. Each brings a beauty, even in death, that we can learn to be grateful for. You may ask how can we be grateful for death – it doesn’t mean that you are happy to have a loved one die – it does mean that you can be grateful to have been blessed with their life for as long as you were whether that be a moment, day, or lifetime.

That’s impossible, people have said to me. Then I share, when I miscarried my baby at ten weeks it was heartbreaking but I had two other children to care for and knew I could not get lost in my own grief.  I decided to focus on my two sisters, who were pregnant at the time, and rejoiced in their pregnancies and birth of their sons. Difficult yes but I found an inner strength and connection to God that I had never known. It was a year of sadness and happiness with my miscarriage in January, one nephew born in July and the other early December, ending the year with my Dad’s death two days before Christmas. I was 26 years old at the time. So, when I say to be grateful it is from my own life experience – gratitude in being able to rejoice in my pregnancy for a few weeks, in the birth of my nephews who I watched being delivered, then for having time spent with my father – all the time, love, and sharing of knowledge and skills we shared together. That was the year I learned to be grateful for all seasons of life learning that life, like seasons, can change quickly. We all have a choice – we can be grateful or hardened by the seasons of life. I chose grateful and it has made all the difference.

I hope you enjoyed my photos. If you are interested in seeing other posts for this week’s challenge or would like to submit your own, click on the link below:


Love and Light!


WPC – Life Imitates Art – 2

This week, find inspiration in a piece of art. Then, imitate it.

While visiting my son, Joseph Yetto, a painter, on the easel I noticed he was painting a self portrait. Of course I made him poise next to it and he accommodated me.

My son's self portrait

Joseph Yetto’s self portrait in progress

This isn’t his first self portrait. When my daughter, Allison, and I shared an apartment in Irvine, CA I placed a life size self portrait of Joe in the hallway near my room. This is Joe staring out at you. Actually when you move in front of this painting it feels and looks as if he is following you with his eyes. I love it! It currently hangs in a guest bedroom in my home.

Joe's self portrait from the early years

Joe’s self portrait from the early years

When Allison went to the bathroom in the night I would hear her scream and then say, “Joe you scared the crap out of me.” It would always make me laugh because she never remembered it was hanging there until she was exiting the bathroom. Still makes me laugh!

In my youth I had wanted to become an artist and loved drawing, especially with India Ink. Having my son become an accomplished artist has been a wonderful experience. I live vicariously through him as he engages with the art world and networks with some of the great artists such as his recently deceased employer, Ellsworth Kelly. One day, I shall return to drawing and might even try a little painting myself. One never knows what they are capable of until they try. As a parent I always told my children to do what they love and the money will follow. Luckily, Joe listened. Isn’t life grand!!

If you would like to see more of his work click on this link:  http://josephyetto.com

If you would like to see more entries for this week’s photo challenge or would like to enter your own, click on the link below:


Love and Light!


WPC – Gatherings

This week’s challenge is gatherings and I have chosen a family gathering. During the holiday season my family gathers together for games and laughter. Every year there is a new game introduced and we return to some favorites. Last year, this is what we looked like.

To participate in this week’s photo challenge click here.

Do you gather with family and friends to play games? If so, which are your favorites? We love Apples to Apples, several card games, Life with the younger children and Memory with the little ones. This is always a special time of year in more ways than one. Some of our family members do not always get home for the holidays so when they do we spend a lot of time together having fun. Wish this could happen several times a year instead of just at Thanksgiving and Christmas. For those who do not celebrate Christmas do you have any special games or activities you share in for your holidays?

Sending Peaceful Love and Light To All!

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